Action Research Projects of Cadre X

his where I should find your final listing of you materials for review by others. The work needs to be ready for review on Monday. Add you last name. Add the title of your presentation and hot link it to your web site. Remember to remove or share any password information if you want the reviewer to have access to your wiki or blogs. Other examples of Action Research project are found at the Center for Collaborative Action Research- CCAR.

Learning Circle 2

  1. Todd Coston Action Research Page Focusing the Lens of Learning Blog Final Report
  2. Karen E Simpson-Alisca Navigating the Rough Waters of Organizational Change(updated)
  3. Brandy L Foster Mapping Paths to Learning: Equipping Kids with Internet Tools Final Report
  4. Israel S Valenzuela Identity and Connectedness in the Workplace: Reflective Learning Through Values-Oriented Practice and Circles of Influence (Website)

Learning Circle 3

  1. Heather A Schneider Digital Connections: Making a Splash with Transformative Learning and Technology For the Future
  2. David Rose Digital Storytelling: Changing Perceptions of Writers in the 21st Century
link removed--please contact if you are interested in this topic
  1. Samiya Hai Crossing the Divide: Supporting Students Transition from School to Work (completed final report online 6-17-08 or sooner; title may change)
  2. Marie CK Lindsey Building Blocks for a Park Docent ProgramFinal Report

Learning Circle 1

  1. Jessica D Dabbeekeh Soaring to New Heights: Engaging Students in Technology Integration. blog
  2. Gregory M Nehen Extending Teacher Communication: Using Asynchronous Posting to Improve Math Support for Students
  3. Dervin B Grady Presentation- Caves to Current: Needs, Relevancy and Technology Use-Final Paper Encouraging and Facilitating Technology Use in District Schools- (site in process of update)
  4. Rita Schnepp I.T. Takes A Village To Raise A Network
  5. Jacquelynn I Loehwing Action Research Site: School of Rock: Join the Technology Revolution

Learning Circle 4

  1. Brent R Hibbert Becoming Adaptive Experts
  2. Nancy - Title of Session: Drawing Lines of Connection in a New Community link:
  3. Tracey K JohnsonBlast Off to a World of Critical Thinking: Space Science Exploration through Project Based Learning (all pages on website by Tuesday 6/17)
  4. Salina M Locke- "Riding The Waves of Information". Website: (all pages will be updated by Tuesday, June 17th)


  1. Marie's updated ARP cycle one report is at My ARP process and reflections are at
  2. Greg N. Lit Review and AR Plan are both posted at .(Greg--you need to move your work to a public space by Monday)
  3. Rita S. Lit Review posted at: Rita S. Action Research Plan (Draft 1) at: Rita's updated (4/15/08)--Cycle 1, Cycle 2, Lit Review (LR), etc. as Word Doc or html located at: Rita's AR Blog (updated 4/10/08 -
  4. Samiya: My ARP page is Sam's ARP page
  5. Jessica Plan and Lit Review
  6. Nancy Lit Review and ARP Plan
  7. Salina Lit Review: Margaret, I am having difficulites uploading my cycle reports to my website. I will email you my cycle reports. Thanks. (Yes but
  8. Israel Valenzuela: Action Research Plan Version3 , Literature Review, Bibliography, Cycle One Report (in progress), & WordPress Blog
  9. Tracey Johnson's Action Research: 4/18/08 Blog:
  10. Leigh Chandler:
  11. Jodianne Ellis:
  12. Jackie Loehwing's Action Research:
  13. Karen Lit Review, ARP & Cycle 1 Report (4/08) Plan
  14. David's ARP Documents --link removed, please contact
  15. Brandy's stuff (had no idea this was here) REGULARLY updated
  16. Todd Coston Action Research Page "Focusing the Lens of Learning"
  17. Brent's Final paper e-portfolio Action Research Plan & Lit Review Blog Cycle 2 Report Cycle 1 Report
  18. Heather's Action Research Progress (Report is located on top of page - file under title)
  19. Dervin's Blog is Here website is Here Action Research is HERE>