AERA 09 will be held this year in San Diego

We have three sessions that will have OMET Faculty involvement

Session Title: Action Research with Technology: Transforming Work through Communication, Collaboration, and Community. (11)
Session Type: Interactive Symposium
Scheduled Time: Wed, Apr 15 - 2:15pm - 3:45pm
Building/Room: San Diego Convention Center / Room 4

Action researchers are exploring current and emerging technologies to support communication, collaboration, community, and knowledge-building. The session will open with a report of research that was done to understand the role of technology in action research projects completed in a graduate program at a major university. Next, two case studies involving children doing projects in after school clubs, and two others of adults in dispersed interdisciplinary project teams will illustrate ways that technology was used to effect transformational changes in the workplace. These short presentations will be followed by some reactions from a respected leader in action research, who will then engage the panel in a discussion of action research with current and emerging technologies.

Session Title: Changing the Social Infrastructure of Schooling: A New Model for Teaching in a Connected World
Session Type: Poster

Scheduled Time: Wed, Apr 15 - 10:35am - 11:15am Building/Room: San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina / Marriott Hall Salon 4
In Session: Technology, Instruction, Cognition, and Learning Paper Discussion 1: Issues Related to Technology, Instruction, Cognition, and Learning

This paper presents a plan for changing the structure of schooling that would make the new mandate of universal quality education described in No Child Left Behind attainable. Information and communication technology along with changes in the way we engage students in the learning process is what can make this shift in the function of school possible.

Session Title: Online Learning, Shared Thinking, and the Development of Conceptual Understandings
Session Type: Poster

Scheduled Time: Thu, Apr 16 - 4:05pm - 5:35pm Building/Room: San Diego Convention Center / Sails Pavilion
In Session: Learning Environments Poster Session