external image Theme-Badge.pngAERA 2008 -- From an Ed Tech Perspective

These are sessions that lie at the intersection of technology and education collected and organized by Cadre 13 of Pepperdine University in preparation for attending AERA and for use in literature reviews. An email to the author near, or soon after, the meetings often results in a copy of the paper. Also a search with google scholar often works as the participants frequently share the papers with the discussant electronically.

Monday March 24
Tuesday March 25
Wednesday March 26
Thursday March 27
Friday March 28

Non-technology AERA sessions of note

Cadre 13's Best of AERA 2008

Suggested format ...(feel free to make other suggestions)

Session number and Title (can be linked but I think that the link only works for the person posting it as it assumes login information)
Sponsoring unit (type of presentation) (if Division, include the subsection)
Time & place information (session time might not match the time slot perfectly so it is best to double list)
Title of Particular sessions (if appropriate)
Names of presenters (can just be last names of the first authors of papers for symposiums. Doesn't have to be exhaustive. And you don't need titles unless it is relevant to us as in the example.)