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    Kate Cockrill's AR PaperCockrill
    {Christine DeHaven Middle School Students Become Grittier.docx}
    {Nataly Navarro Google Classroom and Student Engagement.pdf}
    {Laura Coty Growth Mindsets in Remedial Math.pdf}
    {Wanda Bowles Use of Mobile Technology in Home Health Nursing.pdf}
    {Kelly Murphy Andragogy An Introduction into Adult Learning Theory.pdf}
    {Nataly Navarro Google Classroom and Student Engagement Productivity and Motivation.pdf}
    {Leanne Lee How User Experience and Interface Design Principles Impacts Usability Testing of Educational Software.pdf}
    {Yerie Hahn Interactive Text Games for Foreign Language Learners.docx}
    {Jillian Chingos Mini Professional Development by Peers on Educational Technology in the Classroom Embedded in Grade Level Meetings.docx}
    {Lateefah Smith Experiential Learning.docx}
    {Leslie Lincoln Project Based Learning and Impact on Academic Achievement.docx}
    {Claudine Minassian Communication in the Workplace.docx}
    {Amy Koenigsknecht Utilizing Technology to Support Differentiated Instruction for Elementary Students.doc}

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