So you have an ipad.... what's next?
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Is iPhone can help me make money from my free time?

"No you can't borrow it! Do you know how much this thing cost?" If you want to know how Pepperdine is thinking about them, you might want to read this article .
Babette suggests this one: podnetwork/Home/topics-for- discussion/ipads-in-higher-ed

Magic with ipads is a great example of how the ipad is part of the magic show. (Other videos show the ipad used in surgery, and in animal communication. )

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**Best practice with ipads....**

ipad for actual work: (posted by @menjivar) For all you folks who already own your own iPad or fell in love with the one Pepperdine allowed you to use (and now you're going out to get your OWN!!), here's a most excellent RE-USABLE screen cover that I own and highly recommend it. It's kinda funny how the design of the cover fits right in with the process of design (for NEED) in our course here!!!Check this out: iPad screen protector by Moshi

What we downloaded to the Ipads....


Name of Tool
How many people have this tool
How many people use this tool often
Dropbox sharing flies on the cloud
Nick,MR, Babette, MT

I use it often on the computer. Computer would be better-MT
Evernote free
MW, MR. Babette, Christian
great program
Pages-word processing 9.99

Text Plus free
MW, MikeA
I like the flexibility of texting from the iPad vs. my Razr.
Dragon Dictation
JuanF, Babette, Scott

Show off to your friends, record lectures.

Alternative browser to view flash pages

Piano program with a duet mode

Daily Educational program with Movies and Quizzes
JuanF, Scott

View PDFs, Documents, etc.,
Wolfram alpha 1.99


Name of Tool
How many people have this tool
How many people use this tool often
Tweet Deck TWitter clieng

Mashable - Social networking g
Just getting into it (Mike)
Skype iPhone App

Good call quality depends on wifi connection. I have had up to 4 people on call (N)


Find my iphone or ipad free

Cosolidates twitter and facebook feeds. does not yet have a google plus feed.


Name of Tool
How many people have this tool
How many people use this tool often
Dropbox sharing flies on the cloud
Nick,Margaret, JuanF

I use it often on the computer
Wallpaper free background image
Nick, JuanF

Air Hockey Game

Marvel Comic books
NIck, JuanF

Drop 7 3.00
addictive to some, waiting for update for os4
doodle jump .99

Modern Conflict

Tank/Helicopter War Game

Real Solitaire Free
Angry Birds

Solitaire Extreme
Pocket Pond
Zen Garden 3D


Name of Tool
How many people have this tool
How many people use this tool often
Kindle ebook reader
Nick, JuanF, MR

Pandora Internet radio free
Nick, MR, Mike, Scott, JuanF
Love using this program, Love creating stations! (Mike)
ibooks free
MW, JuanF, Scott

NPR podcasts
Babette, Scott


Keeping up with health news and updates
JuanF, Scott

News Streams of Top Stories and various categories
Dictionary (free)


Name of Tool
How many people have this tool
How many people use this regularly
Adobe Ideas sketch tool
Nick, Scott, JuanF
Free product, w/ ability to inspire students who are new to technology.
Wall paper- free background images
NIck, JuanF

Sketchbook Pro 7.99

Art studio for the ipad 2.99

Air video 2.99

Camera-A .99

3-D galley 4.99

3-d Medical images

Mirror Paint Lite

Sketch tool with Logo programs

Stories about use:

iPad Review - Christian Borja Cadre 13

I just returned the iPad I had the opportunity to borrow from Pepperdine. I decided I would try to use it as way to conduct as many of the activities required for Bill's Theory Class. This is what I found:

You need to spend a significant about of money if you want to get applications for the iPad. I have and iPhone and although the apps work on the iPad they are not build for it. Upgrading my apps for the iPad is expensive. I decided to use the apps that I already had and that would be with the iPad so these are the apps I used:

Evernote (Free) - for note taking and writing forum posts
iBooks - for reading PDFs
Skype (Not iPad native) - for chats and calls
Papers (demo) - for annotating PDFs
Apple Bluetooth Keyboard.
WordPress (Free) - Blog Posts
Dropbox (free) - to access files.

What I find out is that working on the iPad with out Multitasking capabilities of iOS4 is a pain. Before finding Papers as a PDF reader/annotation app, I could not read PDFs on iBooks and jump to Evernote to make note without having to close applications. They same was the case with Skype. If you jump out of Skype to make a note while on a call you lose the call. Very frustrating. Typing on the iPad was a lot more cumbersome that I thought. Without a proper case or some way to prop it up it was neck torture typing on it. I finally decided to attach my bluetooth keyboard to it and problem solve while at home or office but while on the move not so much. Posting to Sakai was a pain. Safari for iPad and mobile was a good browser but Sakai has issues with it and I had to move to my laptop to do that work. Also the lack of Flash support has a bigger nuisance than I had expected. Another really annoying problem was not being able to work on Google Docs on this device. I am not sure whose fault that is Apple or Google but please FIX IT!!!!!!! WordPress was bout the only things that worked flawlessly until I changed to iWeb but that is not Wordpress's fault.

I also found the iPad a bit heavy to carry around with all my other stuff. The morning after I mailed it back I was looking through my backpack looking to see if I forgot something because if was significantly lighter. It was also heavy for reading.and I got tired of holding it while reading. Reading with the iPad was nice especially PDFs. I hate reading articled on PDF format on the computer screen because 8.5x11 files do not fit on the widescreen monitor very well, but that was not the case with the iPad. I wish more PDF applications like iBooks or Barnes & Noble Nook would have highlighting and note taking abilities. Nook Study desktop app has it but not the iPad one. Papers did a great job annotating but It did not synchronized with my laptop. Papers developer said it will in the future and that will be nice. Remember Papers is not free $15.00 for iPad and $40.00 for desktop application but it is a great application if you are in academia or do a lot of research. I just happened to find a contact that let me have a demo of the iPad app for testing. I also found that sharing files and carrying them around was hard. Dropbox app helped with this but is was not easy to get files to others via email. File access and management is pretty bad on iOS devices. Watching videos was amazing experience on this device. I love watching TED talks, You Tube and Video Podcasts on the device.

My suggestions would be if you want an iPad for replacing your laptop, don't do it. It will be a while before iPad will replace the laptop. If you want an iPad now I would suggest waiting for iOS4 to come. I would wait for the second generation to see if there is a way to input files and photos with out having to tether (an SD card or USB slot would be nice). Overall the iPad was nice device to use but I will stick with my iPhone for now thank you.

Ashley's iPad (cadre 14)

Margaret's Comments
I used the ipad to record a session with the plan to compare the quality of the ipad and iphone. But then while I was recording I was going to take notes and decided to open evernote on the ipad. Well I did not know this but the recording stopped when I opened evernote. I assumed computer and a computer can do multiple things--even though I "knew" that it could not -- the computer likeness fooled me.

I used the ipad to read and evaluate comp papers for the program. I received the files in email and they opened in a ftp reader but also gave me the option to open in pages which I did. This was a very easy way to read and make notes on the papers. I was able to read three 50 page papers while moving around without having to lug a big computer.

The link between the iphone and the ipad when you are reading a book on both was cool. It told me that it looked like I had been reading on the iphone and would it like to have the place updated. That was fun. Also it is a great way to share information with others sitting at the kitchen table... it is a handy machine to have in public spaces for quick email checking, web searching and photo sharing

Tim Comments:
I found the iPad most useful for watching TED talks and other video. It was great for taking advantage of small periods of free time. I also found that I was able to read comfortably without eye strain.

@MENJIVAR (Cadre 13) Comments

@Menjivar: I have tried the ipad for a week with peers mentors. I am starting to notice that our peer mentors are more engage and excited about teaching others with the ipad. The peer mentors do not have to go back and forth to look at tutorials when trying to explain a design concept to another student. "we are able to be more efficient with students, and not wast time"-Juan, a peer mentor said while using the ipad to follow tutorials with another student.

@menjivar8610 ipad has made it possible for me to keep all my notes and grades in one place. I am currently using Notebook in ipad to organize all documents. Ipad is specially good with memorizing students name. I can create flash cards with student and staff faces on it, which helps me build a stronger rapport.

I didn't really have time to play with the iPad while I had it. - Molly

8/18/10 kindle

The ipad has been a money saver. It has allowed me to buy books at a low cost and at a fast pace. Currently i am also using kindle books to keep up with my readings. i would preferred to use ibooks, however several books for our class are not available on ibooks. Therefore, i use Kindle to take and organize my thoughts while making notes through out the text. The notes are than place on a a section of the kindle book in order for one to retrieve them in quicker way. The notes i am taking on my kindle can easy be pasted on an email for later use. i can modify my notes later in order to use them on Sakai forums. I feel like as i continue taking notes and jotting down my thoughts, i will be more efficient on the forums as well.

The other feature i am taking advantage of is snap shots of my readings. If i want to remember the exact phrase, i can always take a snap shot of the paragraph and insert them to my personal notes outside the kindle app. This tools will definitely become helpful when cross referencing books. Since i am a visual learner, snap shots will be very useful for my own learning.

Marvel - comic book reader (NO Flash! blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/ 04/the-flash-iphone-ipad- spoof.jpg)


I think I am the perfect candidate for a mobile device like this. Two hour round trip commute on the bus (with free wifi), a little child at home, The iPad saved my wife and me a few maddening moments around dinner time. I downloaded several Sesame Street podcasts and slapped one on when we were about to eat dinner. The iPad was my son’s personal HDTV and he loved all the colors, motion and sound. He wanted more kinesthetic feedback or response from the iPad (granted he is on 8 months old).

I found the battery life to be outstanding! I was very pleased. Flipboard kept me up to date with all my social streams on my way home from work. It was tricky trying to type on while riding the bus without a case to position it well.I also noticed that the iPad was shared and passed around in social settings. During a surprise birthday party, I was able to pull out the iPad and have a friend show me the paintings he was trying to describe to me and then pass it around the room for others to see.

Overall, it was a great experience. I’m not convinced that it is fully capable of all the activities I would want to replace a laptop but a very convenient and intuitive device nonetheless.

Other information on use 08/

==An In-Depth Look at How People Are Using the iPad
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Do you like this story?

Resolve Market Research has just completed a comprehensive study that looks at how the iPad is being used, and how the iPad is impacting other technology devices like e-readers, portable gaming consoles and netbooks. The study, which was conducted online across a nationally representative sample, compared technology owners or people that intend to own devices in four different categories: the iPad, smartphones (including iPhones, Androids and BlackBerrys), e-readers and portable video game devices. The study also focused on how users perceive the iPad both before and after owning the device.

The study has some interesting, and in some cases surprising, results. While the ultimate impact that devices like the iPad will have on netbooks has been discussed at length (some analysts predict tablets will outsell netbooks by 2012), the two devices that will really be affected by the iPad, at least according to Resolve’s study, are e-readers and portable gaming devices.

==The iPad
: The Ultimate Gaming Device?==

iPad has primarily been positioned as a device to browse the web, watch video and read content. Its gaming capabilities, while certainly impressive, haven’t been a major part of the conversation. In fact, according to Resolve, only 28% of users said that one of their main uses for the iPad would be playing games. Additionally, only 23% said that they thought of the iPadas the most enjoyable device for playing games.
However, after owning an iPad, those figures start to change. It turns out that 38% of respondents said that they did not plan to buy a portable gaming device after owning an iPad. The only category that ranked higher than that amongst iPadowners was e-readers.

The iPhone has had a huge impact on the portable gaming market and it looks like the iPadncould further that trend. The size of the device and its accelerometer really make for an immersive gaming experience. Show anyone Real Racing HD and watch their faces explode into what my fiancé calls “the smile of iPad glee.” Once iOS 4 is deployed to the iPad and Apple has its Game Center deployed and ready for action, the iPad could really start to make a play for the gaming space.

E-readers Should Be Worried

The biggest category that has been affected by the
iPad is that of standalone e-readers. Beyond just Resolve’s own survey results, we’re already seen evidence of this in the marketplace; both Barnes & Noble and Amazon recently slashed the prices of their e-readers. Even before the Kindle and Nook price cuts, we were already seeing some movement with lower-priced e-readers. We think that reading-only devices will ultimately find a new market at the sub $100 price point. Even at $200, the value proposition for an e-reader versus an iPad is tough to overcome.

==Many iPad
Owners Are New to Apple==

One of the most surprising parts of Resolve’s study, at least to us, was that 37% of respondents who owned or were planning to own an iPad said that it would be their first Apple product. This is impressive and interesting because it has the potential to pull more customers into the Apple ecosystem.

Much has been written about the iPod halo effect, in which people were more willing to buy Apple computers and other Apple products after owning an iPod. It will be interesting to see if the iPad
can have a similar impact. When I asked Resolve about the age groups of iPad users, I found out some other interesting information. The first owners of the iPad tended to be young professionals, 22-45, who were either early adopters in general or had a highly connected and mobile lifestyle. However, the next group of adopters and those interested in buying an iPad are much older than the one might expect (45+). Anecdotally, I’ve seen this in my own travels and discussions with iPad or future iPad owners. The first wave of iPad owners were people like myself. The second wave of iPad owners, at least from what I’m seeing, have more in common with my parents. Studies have already shown that the iPod touch is a great gateway device to the broader iOS ecosystem for young teens and pre-teens. The iPad has the potential to attract the other end of that market.

Still Viewed as an Expensive Toy

According to Resolve, 55% of iPad owners or would-be owners see the device as a very expensive toy, or luxury item. It’s not a necessary device to have in your daily life, although it can replace a number of other gadgets or products. Still, that functionality can largely be reproduced (albeit with a less experience, in many cases) by things that many users already own. We’re still at the nascent stages of tablet devices and as time goes on, we expect that features, applications and use cases will make these must-have rather than luxury items, just as we saw with laptop computers and smartphones.

Julie's 2 cents worth (and that ain't much)....

I really feel - after reading the comments and uses of the iPads - that they are "mis-interpreted" -- they are *not* MINI-COMPUTERS. They are in a category ... a whole new category of technology. (I'm starting to sound like I work for Apple......jeez....).
I honestly believe that people who don't get much out of the iPad are TRYING TO DO OLD TASKS WITH A NEW DEVICE.
Of course, there will be no "wow factor" in doing that .... <sigh>.

I wish people had attempted to use the iPads for NEW tasks -- anyone can put an app on an iPhone or a MacBook....the iPad is not only convenient, far more portable, with a MUCH BETTER battery was created to use in *different* ways than a laptop or desktop or smartphone (etc.). Get a free iPad
I think the most appropriate examples here are the music creator(s) that are available for that profession (or teaching in that profession)....and maybe the medical applications that are possible -- I've watched iPads in use at my father's clinic (and the hospital where he works) in Minneapolis. Amazing.
Of course there are far more uses that supersede, surpass and fly-above the concepts of laptops and smartphones.

Anyway, I was saddened by the lack of excitement about the iPad.
Maybe Apple should come out with better advertising or training on what the iPad should really be used to do.
Just some thoughts. Hope you don't mind me sharing.
btw: here's an article I meandered across a while back, about the iPad -- thought it might be interesting to you all:

Thanks for allowing me to open-up freely. Means a lot.