We can use this space across cadre to plan FETC sessions.

Applications must be received by July 13, 2007.

Post your name here and link to a page with your session. This way we can all make suggestions on all of the sessions for FETC
I will start as an example.

Drafts of FETC Submissions
Margaret Riel -Two OMET sessions on Action research --one more presentation and the second more interactive
Your Name (use the link option above to create a link to a new wikki page with lastname-FETC)

Brad Davey - One session submission on the Student Provocateurs Model and its implications for educational settings.

Josh Burker - One concurrent session on Building and Fostering an Inclusive Elementary School Tech Club.

David Greenfield - One session on using mobile phones as personal multimedia production devices to engage students and promote learning

Chris Kelly/Tonya Rauckhorst - Two sessions submitted:
Harnessing the Power of Wikis
How to Connect Brains Without a Neurosurgeon

Karen Elinich - Two sessions proposed:
Making the Case: Using Historical Artifacts for Science Education
Cyberinfrastructure for Science Education & Professional Development

Who is planning on coming to FETC-08?
Margaret Riel
Paul Sparks
Gary Stager?

Not Attending
Kristen Zukley (so sorry I would like to... but I will be paying off wedding bills and hopefully Pregnant by that time!) :) KZ
Mitchel N. Townsend Am going to try to be there but I don't think I'lll be formally speaking. Will updateby the due date.MT