An Evolving collection of Technology Tools for Collaborative Work and Online Education

Maintained by Margaret Riel, and faculty and cadres from the Masters of Arts in Learning Technologies,
from the Graduate School of Education and Psychology from Pepperdine University
--feel free to start a discussion around any of these tools or add a tool.


WEB 2.0: The Web You Help Create As Well As Use

Web 2.0 is the read/write version of the internet; sometimes called the participatory web. We have collected a set of mostly FREE tools that students in the Learning Technologies program found useful.

All Cadre List of Useful Tools by Category

Community Spaces or Social Networking Tools- Synchronous and Asynchronous

  • Edmodo - For creating trusted and secure social/mobile learning networks, FREE - Edmodo
  • Diigo- Community Building around internet-worked resources--one of the top ten... Diigo
  • Google Sites for creating webpages with wikis Googlesites
  • Facebook - Shared personal spaces with many tools for collaboration Facebook
  • Yammer - Applies social media tools like Facebook to the workplace. Yammer
  • LinkedIn - A form of professional networking Link in
  • Education with New Technologies (ENT)- collaborative lesson building and professional development ENT
  • Google Groups -group space integrated with google tools. Google Groups
  • WiZiQ offers 2-way live audio/video delivery and the ability to share PowerPoint presentations asynchronously even with narrated audio in slides'
  • Wiggio - An online toolkit that makes it easy to communicate, collaborate, and work in groups. Wiggio
  • Glassboard for private networking with links to email glassboard.
  • UpToUs - A free community tool for organizing trusted groups--nicely integrated calendar with reminders. UpToUs
  • - Another public/private community site. New fees added fall 2010.

Synchronous Communication Tools

  • Video conferencing with Google+ Hangouts using Google Docs (text, spreadsheet, drawing,) for synchronous editing are stored in your google drive.
  • Etherpads allow for up to 20 people to write on a page at the same time and keeps track of the contributions of the first 8 in colors. You can play back the changes. There are many open source version... This is one that works on ipad as well as computers-- you can download the open source program here.
  • Skype Free voice conferencing ,,and GIZMO> and Ecam lets you record Skype conversations on a Mac ( (Scott, Cadre 9)
  • Second Life- a whole world unto itself. (5 minute movie introduction
  • TalkShoe - Live Interactive Podcasting and Audioblogging. Record group chat and voice via phone, Skype or VoIP and archive as a podcast with free hosting.
  • Gabbly Chat Box - Add a chat box to any website for free like the one you see here. Anyone who loads this page at the same time can chat. You can also temporarily open a chat on any web page by type between htt:// and the site url.
  • Free Web Conferencing with MP3 recording (Calvin, Cadre8)
  • Meebo - If you chat with others in AIM, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, or Yahoo Chat, you can do it all from Meebo without having to open each application. It is web based so there is nothing to download. Also, you can embed a widget in your website so people can see when you are logged into Meebo and they can chat with you. (Chris, Cadre 9)
  • Elluminate - You can sign up for a free "vRoom" that allows you to use and share voice, live video, multimedia tools and collaborate on a whiteboard with others Live. Great for conferencing or project collaboration. (Heather, Cadre X)
  • CoverItLive

Asynchronous Communication Tools with Voice

  • YackPack - Create Async audio discussion with group and individual audio mail, cadre 8)
  • Gong -Async threaded discussions
  • Voice Threads- a great way to have a asynchronous voice conversation around a image. In schools, children could create images and tell stories and others can comment or add to the story. (go through all of the 8 pages on what is a voice thread to get different ideas.)
  • Audacity - for making podcast and other recordings
  • Gabcast - use your phone for making podcasts
  • Gcast is hosted service to create podcasts for free
  • Glassboard for private forum discussions, very clean interface and links to email

Coordination Tools

Collaborative Knowledge Building/Knowledge Sharing Tools


Graphic/Modeling Tools

Text Tools

  • Zoho has a collection of tools that include Zoho writer (James and Jaime, Cadre 11)
  • Make any pdf file into a page turning newsletter for publishing on the web with ISSUU
  • To trim unnecessary works from your text try Writer’s diet by Helen Sword.
  • Condense your report by using Text Compactor, a free word summariser.

Cloud Editing and Tagging
  • Google Drive has Word processing, spreadsheet and data collecting coud based files]
  • To share files and work in the cloud, dropbox is the most common choice
  • The best known cloud taggging tool is wordle which creates a visual graphic of word frequencies
  • Try Tagxedo for more customized word clouds. Use a thousand words to make a picture see gallery.

Multimedia Tools

  • Jing- -Instantly captures and shares images and video (from your computer to anywhere more JING information from design library-Jing
  • TeacherTube - Share movies with an educational design--either for or by students.
  • YouTubeShare movies about anything
  • Flickr- photos/ graphic (example of use:
  • Flektor, online free video editing (Josh Burker, cadre 9)
  • Animoto: add pictures, choose music, and let animoto make you a quick 30 second video sync-ed with your text and photos
  • Prezi - make presentations that zoom. Can also work collaboratively.
  • ZebraZapps - a cloud-based authoring and publishing platform used to create rich interactive media applications easily and quickly, as well as share, publish, and sell inventions. Wildly interactive and shockingly fast.

Databases (large databases are proprietary and are not included here)

Web Journals (blogs) and Portfolios and Wikis (quick websites)

Qualitative Data Analyses Web Sires

Research Tools

  • Bibliography creator: (just cut and past the creation into your document and it's done! Don't forget to select APA (Brandy, Cadre X)
  • Google Scholar
  • Zotero is a Firefox tool that stores/organize/annotates/locates research materials while working online
  • Citations in a fluid world is a problem as the world shifts and what you linked to is often gone. Here is a way to store and link to an archived copy (Scott, Cadre 5)
  • The Way Back Machine is a way to see how pages change over time and has added an archive feature as well
  • Encyclopedia of Life Comprehensive, collaborative, ever-growing, and personalized, the Encyclopedia of Life is an ecosystem of websites that makes all key information about life on Earth accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. (Robert, Cadre 9).*
  • Wikipedia -multilingual free-content encyclopedia on the Internet
  • Diigo - a social Bookmarking Tool and a web Highlighting and annotation tool. (Greg Noack, Cadre 11)
  • Wordle A word cloud generating tool to see what words are central in any text. Great way to get a quick sense of a paper before you read it.
  • MindMeister: online collaborative website for developing mind maps

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

  • Edmodo - For creating trusted and secure social/mobile learning networks, FREE -
  • Sakai: An open-source, enterprise-ready collaboration and courseware management platform that provides users with a suite of learning, portfolio, library and project tools.
  • Moodle: Software package for producing Internet-based courses and web sites.
  • Schoology - Another school based LMS site

Web Resource Organization

  • Symbaloo- Organize all of your web resources in one place. Great for classroom use. FREE

In addition to this master list, each year students create their listing or uses or other documents related to technology and these are linked first.

  • Cadre 11's - Design Library of Tools. Cadre 11 (2008-9) developed a smaller set of tools with a page description to help you learn how to use the tool as well as a small activity the students created for their cadre to think about how to use the tool. The site invites discussion around the application of these tools in educational contexts. We welcome your participation.

Other Tools



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