This is the working space of Cadre 13- Student
Masters of Arts in Learning Technologies Program
Pepperdine University
from July 21 2010- July-23 2011

While we are getting starting... a reading list has been formed that will help you prepare.

Student Links: Links to Group and Individual Websites & 2011 AR Presentations

Distributed Leadership:
Leadership Roles for Cadre 13

Design Challenge
Cadre 13 contains four design teams each of which is going to create a product that uses technology to help others learn something. The are weighing ideas of all kinds to make up their minds what topic or content they want to center and what group of people might need this learning environment. If you have a learning need that you would like to propose for cadre 13, they in the active stage of collecting ideas and thinking about what technologies to use. Feel free to offer you ideas. As they move further long, they may be looking for tutors and mentors to help them so feel free to volunteer to help.

Learning Theory Class:
Ethnography of a CoP Assignment Links
Theorist Pages

Planning for FETC

Exhibitions Sign up - Let us know which exhibits you will be visiting

EDC630, Spring 2011, Loble Class Page: