Cadre 12's Design Library for Addressing Challenges with Technology

Educators and learners face problems every day and increasing there are learning technologies that can be combined to solved this problems. In this design library, Cadre 12 have tackled a range of problems (some real and some as examples) to help you see how you might put a set of tools together to create learning contexts with technology.

(Note to students... So in the first column, write a few line description of the problem. This should then link to a web page that is a "presentation" of what you did in eluminate. You can have it be links to the tools but with demonstration content. So for the last group, it might start out..

What do you do if 80% of the your students are suddenly sent home to avoid spreading an outbreak of swine flu. Then the story is about how quickly 5 minute videocasts were made (using JING) to demonstrate to teachers and students how skype combined with etherpad could be a quick simple way to hold classes with students at a distance. Classroom NING could be set up organize learning context and Tweetbots with the school name could be created to keep all of the teachers operating as as distributed team. (And then you show how this could be done. ) It is a great example of how with a few tools you could mobilize a solution to a this timely problem.

Or for the 4th group...

You are a school counselor and your school wants to increase personalization of contact with students. How can interactive web tools help create a personalized extension of your work with students and get put the computer at work making sure that students pay attention to deadlines?

Designing with Technology
Activity or Problem (each of short descriptions should have a link to a wikispaces page where your group describes the problem and technology solutions.
Tools used in the activity and their links
Design Circle Members
Challenge: How to organize your learning community:
How to Organize your Lifestream: make a group syllabus, offer onscreen tutorials, collate blogs, videos & tweets on a single timeline.
Screenr + Dipity =
Emily, Scott, Guest.
The Problem: Having to go to different sources when conducting a course in Sakai.
What if you could have all the tools you need right in Sakai? Whether imported as content links or, installed as APIs?
In this project we are trying to demonstrate how to make Sakai a One Stop Shop that will already have all your educational tools.
Project Tab Creation,
Web Content Tool,
Melody, Dillon, Jorge
Free online course management tools. Some free options for managing your courses and presenting material to students online.
Adobe ConnectNow, Facebook ,
and Twitterfall
Fabiola, Juan, and Nick
Improving student engagement through the use of a virtual counselor

Presentation script attached:
PPT file for Carly's role as a Music Ed student: Carly Music Ed Student
Music Education rap video (we didn't get to see it in the presentation). Scroll down and click on the video play button: Music Ed Rap Presidents
Comapping, DimDim, and Monkey On Your Back
Carly, Jamie, Babette and Cynthia
Creating MultimediaLife Stories
Using Web 2.0 collaboration & design tools to create multimedia oral histories
(glifffy is now on a page called but you could could create a page with
for Mutilmedia life stories and copy the content over. )
Wetoku , Image Spark , Gliffy
Kevin, Joy, Regina
Adding Visual Instructional Materials and Distributing Them via Social Networks
Jing Ning and Tweetbots
Mike A, Joella, and Jason
Real-Time Proposal / Grant Preparation Through "Just in Time" Applications. Provides examples of how to manage development, review and presentation of a RFP or other Grant proposals through tools designed for team collaboration across the globe.
TeamViewer, Solodox, and Flickr
Aura Poulsen, Michael Cramer and Mary Diehl
Collaborate, Edit, & Share in Real Time
Many approaches to access, with ability to
  • Produce
  • Edit
  • Collaborate
  • Share content across time & space
ooVoo - With ooVoo, you can connect with anyone, anytime, with video calls, video messages, phone calls, text and more. Use ooVoo to get face time with people you can’t meet in person (and save travel time and money!). ooVoo makes life easier and more fun.
Photobucket, Google Readerand Google Wave
Michael Truong, Kevin Long, Michael Weinstein
Michael Truong, Kevin Long, Michael Weinstein
Coordination of a Team Writing a Grant together