Distributed Leadership... take a role or invent a new one.

Book Buying Treasurers
Posts the "buy boxes" each term and interfaces with Eric Ellis who keeps the bank account.
Cadre 12: Michael Cramer
Cadre Communicator/Liason and Chief Officer of Inconsistencies
Keeping two cadres and 3 profs each semester on the same page. This means making sure that information flows freely in the cadre.
1. 13of12: Jamie Coch III (*Scott M. signed up Jamie wo permissions, but darn it he’s good!)
2. Oceans12: Nick Mattos
Culinary Advisors
Organizes us to choose where we will eat, makes the reservation and is sensitive to any dietary needs and tries to keep these in mind in making the choices
1. 13of12: Aura Poulsen
2. Oceans12: Jason Melillo, Mike Aquino, Joella Crosby
Date Keeper
Helps with time, due dates and other such time sensitive stuff on Calendars
1. 13of12: C. Dillon Martin Hall (so far, only minor maintenance and helping to improve access)
2. Oceans12: Scott Mortensen (Virtual Assistant to Nick Mattos & Jamie Coch III) Fabiola Torres (Weekly Master TO DO LIST)
Logo and Clothing Designer
The cadres can work together for one logo for cadre 12 or one for each of the cadres. At the midpoint we generally buy something that marks us a group. It can be clothing or something we carry. They work with the webmasters.
1. 13of12: Joy Fauntleroy
2. Oceans12: Mike Aquino, Joella Crosby
Social Planners and Cruise Directors
At the midpoint and at the end it is more fun if someone is thinking about our social time. I can share ideas from past cadres but whatever seems like fun is possible. These people also are on the planning committee for the final graduation party.
1. 13of12: Babette Novak, Melody McGill
2. Oceans12: Fabiola Torres, Michael Truong (Social)
Responsible for digi-weaving an intriguing story about the MALT experience. Includes team building through a unified media presentation. (i.e. blog, video, podcast, social networking site.)
1. 13of12: Aura Poulsen, Joy Fauntleroy
2. Oceans12: Scott Mortensen, Michael Weinstein
These are the go to people for Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Second Life, MS Word, PowerPoint, Windows XP, SQL, IIS Servers, Web 2.0 Tools as well as any kind of Hardware and Software design related questions or lessons
1. 13of12: Michael Cramer (Development, MAC/PC, Office and Graphics Suites--I by no means know it all, but I enjoy figuring out the answer together) Jorge Ascencio (MAC, Dreamweaver, MySQL, and MS Office) Jamie Coch III(MS Office and Skype) Aura Poulsen (MS Office...esp PPT), Cynthia Porter
Carly Bowen (Sakai, MS Office, Windows XP)
2. Oceans12: Fabiola Torres (MAC) Jason Melillo (Word, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Premiere, Flash, Soundforge, Cubase, Audacity, Skype, LiveMeeting, WebEx) Michael Truong (Googler and Anything else I can try)
Juan Flowers (Anything Microsoft - IE/Office/Windows)

Transportation Czars
Ably handles transportation logistics involving moving the cadre from airports to hotels and to any other place they need to go. Figures out who has cars (generally Margaret and Paul and others and figures out who will travel with whom.) This is most essential at the face to face meetings--getting people to and from airports and around to restaurants. (Mostly we run a MALT shuttle...but MEARS is an option located at the airport where the rented cars are .http://www.mearstransportation.com/ >)
1. Oceans 12: Emily Lauer
2. 13of12: Regina Vertiz (I'll probably rent a car in Orlando and again in June), Cynthia Porter
Visual Note-takers
Group that have discovered the secrets of mind mapping as a way to organize and understand information and notes. Suggest we use Comapping. Comapping is synchronous form of visual mapping that is great for sharing notes and files. Use promo code: MZGWMT when registering and you'll get 6 months free. Otherwise $25 per year. Join the list if you're interested in collaborating and taking notes in this manner.
1. 13of12: Jamie Coch III
2. Oceans12: Nick Mattos, Michael Weinstein
Web Masters
(See Margaret for passwords for the cadres sites.)
These people keep up the cadre websites.
1. 13of12 - Jorge Ascencio, Regina Vertiz (I can help keep site updated but not with design.)
2. Oceans12- Jason Melillo (Not much HTML knowledge, good with graphics and design. Looking for a partner), Joella Crosby
Sakai Liaison
Carly Bowen - Because I work for the University, I can serve as a liaison between the Sakai folks and our MALT group. I will create a shared document listing Sakai questions, comments, and how-to's, and make sure that document is kept up-to-date with the latest information.

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