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Word Press

Sonja Wood

WordPress is a open sourced software platform for personal publishing. This software is licenced by GPL and the platform is MySQL and PHP. Some attractive key features of WordPress are unlocked content, facilitaed with XLM export so you can leave WordPress and move your content anywhere. Weblogs and be localized insuring that your blog will be featured either here in in the United States of any country abroad. Over 60 blog themes can be used with point and click theme change capabilities. A tag surfer feature helps guide like minded bloggers to each other. Autosave, photos, videos, spell check and previews are some of the other features that can be used.

The best way to quickly learn this WordPress is to sign-up and start using this tool

The learning circle activity:
  • Create a blog Change the blog theme
  • Find a blogger(s) who are involved in an action research project or related work
  • Import a blog from WordPress to
  • Add a link to WordPress from our personal websites and add a link to our personal website to WordPress.

As I reflect on why this tool may be a benefit to the cadre there are several functionalities that stand out to me, some are:

The tag surfer feature the helps connect like minded people. The idea that the blog content is not locked and blogs can be exported.

As we move through our learning and collaborating process of OMET having access to others with similar interests can open opportunities to add more to our collective knowledge.