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Voice Threads

Anne Smith

Voicethread is a simplified version of PhotoStory where participants can turn images and recordings into digital stories. All of the images that you can use to tell a story can be uploaded and stored online. You can also access images directly from such online storage sites as Fliker, facebook, etc…. Images and photos can be uploaded from a variety of sources or you can create PowerPoint slides saving them as Ping files to upload those as well.

First, VoiceThread asks for you to create an account. Once this is completed you are ready to go. VoiceThread also has an educational service where you can pay to have an educational account so your students’ work is all under your account. This increases the privatization and controls the concern some parents might feel about their child’s work being published online. However, later in the creation of the VoiceThread, you are able to control the accessibility of your students work.

Once the images are uploaded, simply drag the photos or images into the order you want them to play. After the photos are in the correct order, you can then begin to record over your photos adding a personal touch. As a side note, simply using text has a very distinct effect and feel to it in your presentation. Once you add voice to your story, your story comes alive. You audience can much more clearly hear your message. I would also suggest writing a script before you record so that your recording comes across clear and well organize. Often times, people creating digital stories will create a story board so that their recording matches the images.

After your story is completed, through VoiceThread you have a number of options. First, you can choose to keep your project private or public depending on how you want to share your creation. Also, VoiceThread allows for people to call in from their cell phone or text comments onto your presentation. Once again, you are able to control how and when you want these to be displayed. With sharing your presentation, the options allow for you to either email a link or embed your work.

Link to PPT of how to do VoiceThread:

Idea: (previously posted on the blog as well as BB discussion)
Our learning circle met the other night discussing one another’s cadre gift projects. I went over my idea I had previously posted about a Voice Thread project. After some great discussion and feedback, here is my refined plan. I want my learning circle (Dan, Jaime, and me) to create Voice Thread presentations on themselves to give to the rest of our cadre. The VoiceThread presentation should be thought of as a “Time Capsule” where we are going to tell a little bit about our past, where we are now, and where we want to go with the OMET program. The OMET program portion of the Voice Thread presentation can even be broken further down into where are you now after Virt Camp, what are your goals with OMET, and where do you hope to go after you are done with the OMET program.

We can use personal pictures, ppt slides, free photos, and then record our story to go along with the pictures. I think this is really important at the beginning of the OMET program so we can all get to know one another and what are our driving forces. What matters to us? After we have created the VT and posted them on our cadre's wiki, I thought then the rest of the Athenians could offer feedback on our VT presentations either through text comments or audio commentary.

I see this project as a time capsule because not only does it help our cadre mates understand one another, but it would be useful for future OMET students to hear why we chose this program, the variety of backgrounds of people in the program, but what we all want to accomplish as a result of being part of the OMET program.

Here is my project:

Through the input from my group as well as Margaret Riel, my project revolved from one with a somewhat focused idea, creating a VoiceThread about your self, to one with a clear focus, a time capsule. I am anxiously excited about seeing each of our group member’s creations. I am also interested about the reactions from the rest of the madre cadre as well as the padre cadre about what they thought of.

I have used Voice Thread with my students in my English classes having them take a poem they have composed, add visuals to illustrate their words and then, finally, record the poem. Students in the class then had the option of leaving commentary on one another’s works. What I noticed is that there was a huge difference between just writing a poem, which is very personal in and of itself, but then adding selective images to illustrate your points made it even more personal. One of the things we always work with students on is adding “voice” to their writing. By recording their voices and adding that to their presentation, students work is transformed into something more personal and representative of themselves, maybe even connecting their audience with the creators’ heart.

I wanted my cadre mates to be let into my world. I wanted them to understand where I came from, where I am now in my teaching career, as well as my hopes to come out of my work in OMET. I honestly believe that if you get to know people, and hear their experiences, you can work more closely with those people, pushing and encouraging them to be their best. I wanted my cadre to have a better understanding of who I am and where I want to go after OMET so that they can in turn, help to create a better version of myself. And that is a really hard thing to do. It is challenging to open yourself up to others. What if they don’t agree? What if they think what I am saying is lame? What if they just think I am boring? So many thoughts….

I really wished during Virt camp we had more of a chance to get to know others’ outside of our group of 3. I really appreciated getting to know Sonja and Colby so well, but I felt disconnected from many others that I wasn’t working so closely with. After those four days, I knew what Colby struggled with (needing quiet while he worked), and I knew that Sonja was a networker. I mean here are people that I am going to be working with all year long, but I only had the time to get to really understand a few and how they work.

So by creating this project, and hearing one another’s comments to my work, I am hoping to bridge that gap I felt. I was told at the beginning of Virt Camp that I would get out of this program what I put into it. Through sharing such a personal piece of myself with my LC and cadre, I am hoping to have a better understanding of me, my goals, and will push me forward.

Question to think about: How can VoiceThread bring together a more effective presentation for yourself, your students or your company?

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