Technology Theory Review

Cadre 15

Instructions: Choose a technology that is used for learning, and review it according to your own theory of learning as it has developed in this class. Use whatever method of presentation you desire.

If you include a link below, set up the link so that it opens in a New Window.

Doug - Here is my tech learning theory review of the cell phone - created with UYH app on my cell phone

Jenny - Please find my tech tool review on my website. I reviewed Voicethread as a collaboration tool

Joel - Here is the link to my Technology Product Review. I reviewed, which hosts sets of instructional videos on technology topics. My review is a podcast-style MP3 file.

Jason- I reviewed Mozilla's Popcorn Maker, which allows you to edit video on the web.

Becca- Here is my process on developing my learning theory. I decided to incorporate my learning theory with the utilization of the USB/Flashdrive through a sharing/mentoring process for customized learning. Please visit my blog or video. It's simplistic.

Kristina - Please find my review of ShowMe on my blog, with embedded video from yours truly...and of course, students!

Haley- Please find my review of StoryKit below.

Dave- Flubaroo, a script add-on for google forms/spreadsheets, takes all the work out of grading multliple choice tests. A brief demo and review can be seen on the tubes

Candy- Ok, here's the tech tool review can be found on my website at

Matt - Here is a link to my Aldebaran Robot/Personal Learning Theory Review.

Cathy - I reviewed Google Apps with a Google Presentation. My collaborators are two 6th grade students and a short video of three 5th graders commenting on why they like Google.

Erin - I reviewed Overdrive through the scope of its applications to my own personal learning theory.

Heidi - Here is a link to my review of Poptropica.

Maura - My review of Montessori Crosswords (an iPad app)

Amber - Here is a link to my technology review of the Nabi 2, an adaptive learning tool. My tech tool can be found on my website at or video

Molly- My review of the Tag Learning System by Leap Frog

Jean-Philippe - Click here to see my review of Planet Turtle. You will find a written critique (just below the video) under "About." Click on "show more" to view my comments.

Chuck - My review of google as a learning tool.