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Karen Smith

TalkShoe is a Web 2.0 tool that allows community calls, voice chat or Teleconferencing calls. Talkshoe allows users to host or participate in live on-line talk shows called community calls. Calls can then be downloaded and a podcast can be created.

1. Create a Talkshoe account –
2. Invite and promote a program –
• People love to have a voice
• Great opportunity for many individuals to be heard
3. Schedule a call -
• Schedule calls at the most convent time for participants.
4. Participates join through phone or PC

Where would I use Talkshoe?
Educational Cadre Members
1. Great platforms for study sessions for students
2. Class discussions
3. Class quizzes
Administration and Workplace Cadre Members
1. Conduct meetings
2. Brainstorming ideas
3. Seminars

How I will use Talkshoe
I will invite my learning circle to discuss our projects related to our classes in Talkshoe. We would schedule a meeting and discuss our Action Research Projects and using distributed learning. When Cadre members are unable to attend a scheduled session, they would be able to listen to the podcast and hear the current discussions related to each project

I choose this gift because I thought it would be an excellent technology tool for those of us who are busy and would like to use Iphones or mp3 players to listen to discussions. Cadre members can listen to discussions in their automobiles, at their jobs, or in their homes. The more I learned about Talkshoe, the more I saw it as an audio version of Tappedin. In Tappedin transcripts are sent to our emails. I think Talkshoe has a more personal feeling to it, because you can hear the individual voices of participants. I especially liked the fact I could create a link on my personal blog to Talkshoe. Readers can read my blog, and have an opportunity to hear my voice. With Talkshoe, users can subscribe to the podcast through an RSS feed, itunes, bookmark, or MSN Messenger. Talkshoe would allow us as classmates to have discussions regarding our projects and then later podcast the episodes.

I am reminded it is better to give than receive. No matter how busy we are there are still ways for us to communicate and share and be apart of each other’s lives. I have learned from this experience how important it is as a community to learn about the advancements in technology as a group. We cannot, and will not find them all on our own we need each other. Pride is one of the seven deadly sins. We should not be embarrassed or afraid to ask each other for help.