Snopes for Learning is the site devoted to debunking urban legends. The idea here is to choose a candidate for an "urban legend in education" and explore evidence that may or may not debunk the the idea as a myth. This activity provides an opportunity for students to apply their cognitive tools and theories to real issues.

Add your idea and then link to the page where you examine it to see if there is truth or myth.

Technology does not increase learning...Shawntel Allen

Standardized tests are the only way to measure learning. - Elo Antonyan

Students need lessons tailored to their learning styles- Michelle Green

Learning is the transfer of knowledge from a teacher to a passive learner.. Harmoni Adkins

For Training to Be Effective You Have to Use Powerpoint...Matt Watson

TV rots your brain...Annie Matthews

A quiet classroom, is a productive classroom .... Amanda Cestnik

You Cant Teach an Old Dog New Tricks ........Simone Bellamy

When you fail to learn, you learn to fail .... Trey Eubanks

It’s not rare for teachers and parents to assume rap music is “just an inner-city thing” that won’t work with their students. I’m here to dismiss the myth...Lily F. Pierre

Grades are accurate indicators of student learning - Lucy

Kids have to sit still and listen in order to learn ... Danna Revis

Teachers Don't Use Technology in the Classroom (specifically, Technology Assisted Project Based Learning) Because It's Just Unfeasible ... Kevin Chow

If you're not learning, you're not trying hard enough.......Andrea Flagiello

Corporate training does not need to be highly interactive - Jackelyn Note: this entry needs editing work

Academic Advising must be done Face to Face be effective
Alise's Page

The Classroom Environment is the Best Way to Conduct Developmental Training for Employees of Professional Organizations-Jonathan Silk

You can't learn without systematic Instruction & Rigid Structure - Tim Froehlig Note: this entry needs editing work

Integrating Social Media into an organizational learning environment is a waste of employees time, which isn't good for business or the bottom line - Matt LeClair

Five Myths about Current Education ... Mie Buskirk

Mozart Makes You Smarter - Paul

The Exeter Myth - Debbie Moon