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Cadre Gift: Introduction to Shelfari

By Erin Berg

Description of the Tool Shelfari is a social networking tool used to collaborate with others about books.
www.shelfari.comClick on the link below to take you to more information I have created about my Cadre Gift (Shelfari)- including tutorials:

Activity with Tool:You are going to sign up for a Shelfari account, add some books to your shelf, add others from OMET to your friend list, join the OMET Shelfari group and add a book to the group bookshelf, and, if you would like... create a widget to link to your blog/Facebook/webpage.

Comments about how other have used (or might use) the application:
Shelfari is a way to share your ideas about books with others. You can rate books, discuss books, join a group with similar interests and you can make a list of books you would like to read or buy. You can link your Shelfari account and create a widget for your webpage, blog or Facebook profile page.

I chose to share Shelfari because I love to read and this is a great tool for sharing your passion for books and reading. My problem is, is that I don't have an abundance of time to sit around and waste my time reading a book that is not up to my standards of reading. When I discovered Shelfari, I fell in love. Finally a place where I could view my friends' favorite books, write book reviews, and talk to others who share my common interests in reading.
Shelfari has changed the way I choose books. I no longer go into a book store and puruse shelves and shelves finding a perfect book. I generally have a long list awaiting me on Shelfari and I go down the list of books I have virtually added to my bookshelf of "Want to Read" and go to Borders and make my purchase.
As I was studying my gift, I found myself putting myself into my cadremates shoes, thinking of way they could use Shelfari in their own workplaces. I decided halfway through that I would built my own classroom shelf for my students and families to access at home via our classroom website. Many parents and students want to remember the books we read in class and this is the perfect way to do that. Shelves can also be created for a worksite, where coworkers can share the books they are reading (either for pleasure or work-related books). People can join groups and talk to others worldwide that share common interests in books.
I hope that Shefari has benefited others as it has myself. As silly as this sounds, I am so grateful for applications such as Shelfari, because it has made me enjoy reading and I feel like I am always looking forward to the end of my book because there is another one waiting in the wings for me to read.