Sonja Wood

RefWorks is a research reference database management software tool. This tool helps researchers gather, manage, store and share information, generate citations and bibliographies in user specified formats.

The following is a learning circle activity:

• Open an account (see Tutorial 1 below)
Create a folder
• Import articles (see Tutorial 2 below)
Let RefWorks create a reference/bibliography page for you
Creating Permanent Links to Articles in Library Databases

An example of why we might need this tool can be drawn from an issue in our collaborative wiki work. For example, please attempt to open the third referenced article in Perils and Promises, Benson, D. E. &; Mekolichick, J. (2007) Note that the link takes you to a general Ebsco page, not the article in the Pepperdine University library. This occurs with most of the other Pepperdine University Library links on our reference pages.

I will correct the current issues in our collaborative documents as well as show you how to create a permanent link to articles in the library database. This way moving forward all of our links will work.

In reflection I believe this tool will be valuable in helping us comply with APA format guidelines in our collaborative citation and reference work. Additionally, this tool has provided me the opportunity to serve greater good of the cadre.

Online Tutorials:

Tutorial #1 - Setting Up a Refworks Account and Adding a Reference Manually

Tutorial #2 - Importing and Organizing References

Important Note for Off-Campus Users:

Windows Users:

Mac Users:

It has been a pleasure sharing my gift with you all as you have generously shared yours with me.