First, you go to the Photo Story website and download the program. Once the program is downloaded you go through a few easy steps that are explained in my Photo Story. Since Photo Story is designed my Microsoft its buttons are easily recognizable. However, those are the very basic import, record voice and text buttons. You can include more to your Photo Story. You can do some really cool editing to your pictures right in the import photos screen, you can change the effect of your titles screen. This will change the way the words come on the screen. You can call change the transitions, in the record your voice screen. This will change the way each slide comes onto the screen. Lastly, you can either create your select your own music. This is my students favorite part of the whole program.

If you have any free time... Please create your own Photo Story that shows us your Field of Action for your Action Research Project.

I use Photo Story in my classroom a great deal. My students don't take a great deal of pictures, but they do a lot of art. I feel that art is not displayed enough and I think that one reason that art is not displayed enough is because of room. So, if it is flat art we scan it and place it on a Photo Story and the kids talk about their slide. If it is 3-D art we take a picture of the art and the students talk about the art. Not only do they describe their art using the elements of design that we have discussed, but they discuss any artists that we discussed during the unit. It is very beneficial for students to share their work.

My Photo Story explains how to create your own Photo Story and shows my Field of Action for my Action Research Project. In creating this Photo Story I have learned a great deal about the Wiki. But, I have also learned a great deal about how technology can aid in teaching technology. All I had to do was create this Photo Story and I can send the link to my fellow staff members and they will be able to understand how to do the same thing. We have a problem at our school with people not understanding how to do something because it is not right in front of them. So, I think the tool being right in front of them and the "instructor" being right in front of them would be really helpful!