Notes on MeBeam:

By: Dan Wood

In addition to my work with Oovoo, I have also done a light review of MeBeam, another multi-user video conferencing tool. This tool is nice as it allows basically as many people as bandwidth will allow to connect to a video conference. Other features include simultaneous chat and no software to download or accounts to set up. Unlike Oovoo, there are no specific tools for capturing the conference included and the video/audio quality can be unpredictable. To check out MeBeam, simply go to, set up a room and send the link to anyone you wish to invite. Be sure to allow access to your microphone and camera when prompted.

MeBeam has some advantages to Oovoo and other video conferencing tools since there is virtually no end-user set up. As long your web cam and microphone are connected and working you are set.

While MeBeam does offer additional options for integration into tools like AIM and Twitter it is not as refined of a tool at this point as Oovoo and does not offer all of the integrated features such as phone calls to landline and mobile phones and video call recording or video email messages.

My experience with MeBeam to date has been light so I welcome other users who have more experience with this tool to share their comment below:

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