EDC 665 Learning Activity

In teams of 4-5 people, you will be designing, executing, and reflecting on a learning activity that you develop. Your cadre mates will be your students and therefore, you will also be required to be engaged learners in their activities. We will provide each team with feedback the week after their activity has been completed. Read the document ED665_Assignments Spring 2010 that details the requirements, rubric, and additional optional reading for this assignment.

Select a group number below and change the name. Then go to your page and add information about your learning activity.

Group 1 - Team Awesome aka The A-Team
Group 2 - The Funtastic Four
Group 3 - The Glamatrons
Group 4 - The Game Changers
Group 5 - The Internationals

Please sign up for your group's presentation below. First come has first choice. If your group wants a date/time that is already taken, please contact the group directly to ask them if they would swap (no need to ask Melissa or Patricia). Sign up by placing your group's name below.

Team Activity Presentation Schedule

Group name
3/8 6 pm
Group 1 Team Awesome "The A-Team"
3/8 9 pm

3/15 6 pm
Group 2 The Funtastic Four
3/15 9 pm
Group 3-The Glamatrons!!! Rah Rah Rah Ah Ah!!!--- Could we change the time or the day of the week...just keeping East-Coasters in mind??!!!!
3/22 6 pm
Group 4 The Game Changers: NEW AND IMPROVED (Read Simplified:)
3/22 9 pm
Group 5-The Internationals - can we also change this to another time? Another eastcoaster pleading...