Leadership Roles for Cadre 16

You can sign up for more than one, but you might start with two and then wait for everyone to pick at least one and then volunteer to your heart's content. There are all sorts of different roles so pick one that feel most comfortable in. We left two names for each choice just so that you have a partner. There are plenty of jobs to go around so everyone is a leader.


Cadre Communicator/Liaison and Chief Officer of Inconsistencies

Keeping cadre and 3 profs each semester on the same page. This means making sure that information flows freely in the cadre.

Book Buying Treasurers
Posts the "buy boxes" each term on Mindmaps with new books (or items requested by others). You will interface with Eric Ellis (Cadre 6) who keeps the bank account. This takes some attention to the amazon associate accounts and some cheerleading to make sure that people remember to buy through the wikipage or buybox.
1. Kim
2. Ian

Date Keeper
Helps with time, due dates and other such time sensitive stuff on Calendars. Helps the group with to do lists taken from course syllabi
1. Wicondra
2. Tricia (Face to face expert)
3. Patrick (I was #2, somehow I ended up at 3. I still want to be #1)

Transportation Czars
Ably handles transportation logistics involving moving the cadre from airports to hotels and to any other place they need to go. Figures out who has cars (generally Margaret and Paul and others and a few others who have travel budgets that let them rent cars.) This is most essential at the face to face meetings--getting people to and from airports and around to restaurants. (Mostly we run a MALT shuttle...but for early or later comers, MEARS is an option located at the airport where the rented cars are .http://www.mearstransportation.com/ >)
1. Kim

Wiki Wizard -- In charge of the cadre 16 wiki-webpages on mindmaps (needs a banner that illustrate mapmaps at Pepperdine)
2. Drew
Logo Designer (for optional t-shirts or hats or website branding or such)
The cadres can work together for one logo for cadre 16 or one for each of the action research cadres. At the midpoint we sometimes buy something that marks us a group. It can be clothing or something we carry. The logo designers work with the webmasters.
1. Pam - one logo for entire cadre 16

Culinary Advisors
Organizes us to choose where we will eat as a group, makes the reservation and is sensitive to any dietary needs and tries to keep these in mind in making the choices that work for everyone. This is for the face to face trip in Florida. Knowledge of Orlando helps but the internet is the keeper of the knowledge you will need.

Social Planners and Cruise Directors
At the midpoint and at the end it is more fun if someone is thinking about our social time. We can share ideas from past cadres but whatever seems like fun is possible. These people also are on the planning committee for the final graduation party.
1.The Evelyns
2.The Evelyns



Responsible for digi-weaving an intriguing story about the MALT experience. Includes team building through a unified media presentation. This can be played at graduation. They also organize the the video letter to the next cadre welcoming them.

2. Patrick (#2 again?)

Fitness Activity Leaders
Plan and lead at least one fitness activity for each face-to-face meeting for the entire cadre as an optional fun activity. (yoga and hikes were already mentioned last week, other ideas welcome).

1. Erick
2. Mary