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Matt Jackson

Jing – the always-ready program that instantly captures and shares images and video from your computer to anywhere.

Step 1: Download and install Jing .
Step 2: Run Jing , it will start in the middle of your screen, and then move to the upper right corner and appear as a sun.

How do I use Jing ?

When Jing is opened, it will appear on screen and then move to the upper right hand by clicking and dragging. Jing will give you a choice of either video or image. Upon choosing video or image, Jing will capture what’s on the screen as well as any audio from the microphone.

Where does Jing send my images and videos? 1.
2. A local folder
3. A network drive
4. Copy to your clipboard (images only)
5. An FTP server
6. Flickr

Images are in PNG (Portable Network Graphic)
Videos are in SWF format (Shockwave Format)

Uses for Jing : Jing is a great training tool for step by-step instructions, especially for oft asked questions. Create a training database for new employee orientation and improve efficiency by allowing users to work at their own pace.



Video (Open these in a new tab or window)
Elluminate Jing
elluminate jing.swf

Creating Hyperlinks in Dreamweaver
Creating Hyperlinks DW.swf

Activity with Tool:

I was asked to show how to create hyperlinks in Dreamweaver.

Comments about how other have used (or might use) the application:
For the technology instructor Jing will be an invaluable tool, allowing for instruction to be distributed to numerous learners without the need for face to face visits.


“Mama I Want to Jing” (with apologies to Vy Higginsen)

Jing is the story of a new Web 2.0 tool on the verge of hitting the big time. Jing is suddenly faced with the prospect of great success all the while fighting off the end-users penchant for sharing knowledge to one person at a time, rather than distributing the learning to multiple parties in a clear and concise recorded manner. (My apologies to Vy Higginsen of “Mama, I Want to Sing!”)

I was extremely excited to share Jing with Cadre 11. Jing has changed the way I interact with people at work and has allowed me to be a far more productive and happy Technology Specialist. Jing has been a phenomenal find on multiple fronts. First , it was introduced to me by one of my 6th grade Computer Application students. Secondly, it has allowed me to become more efficient; offering instruction to multiple users at their pace not mine. Finally, and most importantly, it’s a free Web 2.0 tool.

I decided to use Jing rather than a different tool because I use it on a regular basis. In reflecting on the why, I began to understand how I go about doing business on a daily basis. Much of my time is spent correcting a problem for one individual, often repeating the same instruction a few days and sometimes a few hours later. Not nearly enough time is spent being proactive with my colleagues. I know they have questions and activities they wish to accomplish but either they don’t yet have the tools or the knowledge. Jing has been a god-send for showing students step-by-step tasks.

Jing allows all three types of learners to be engaged. Visual learners are engaged by the on-screen full motion video, auditory learners are engaged by the recorded human soundtrack, and kinesthetic learners have the opportunity to work along with the video and be completely hands-on. Jing is s three dimensional tool, and a fixture in my Web 2.0 toolkit.