The Game Changers

Audio-Visual 2 Minute Summary


Game Changers Executive Summary:

Melody McGill, Mike Aquino, Juan Flowers, Mary Diehl, Scott Mortensen

Learning Activity:

Make a creative statement on the internet: It's that simple!!!

1. Choose your medium. 2. Determine your "stance." 3. Say, do or create something on the internet.

You may use Twitter, Craigslist, YouTube, Animoto, Screenr, Facebook, Ebay, Sibelius
, Picnik, or any medium of your choosing.

Your task is to explore your ability as an online agent of change.

Your boundaries are as endless as the internet itself (within legal realms of course.)

You may choose to be funny, satirical, philanthropic, serious, apathetic, viral, underground, or artistic.

This is a Learning Activity that underscores creative expression through online technology.

Safari Njema!

Broad Learning Goal:

1. Explore your ability to be an online agent of change.
2. Use Social Network Tools to make a statement and let your voice be heard.
3. Decide on which medium you will use to make a statement and effect change. Will you create audio-visual media as seen on YOUTUBE? Design a cartoon to be re-tweeted by the masses on Twitter? Post a series of status updates on Facebook that inspires people to donate to a philanthropic cause? Author a brilliant craigslist post that satires our virtual culture? Sell an item for a charity auction on Ebay? The options are endless so use a digital platform that you are comfortable with or excited about.


1. Social Networking Tool of your choice (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc)
2. Multimedia Presentation Tool (Animoto, MovieMaker, iMovie, Comic Life, etc)
3. Blog or Personal Webpage


Self Assessment based on the following factors:
1. Compelling cause
2. Innovative use of the tool to achieve broadcast
3. Clarity of your task
4. Feedback loop
5. Qualitative and/or quantitative analysis.

Lesson Plan for Game Changers:

Explore your ability as an online agent of change.

EQ: How can you make a difference by using technology to promote social change? Your voice is important so communicate it!


If you explore only one article for this assignment, explore this one:

How can the Internet support social change?

"Social media offers exciting possibilities for social change, not just through support of explicitly political projects like MyBarackObama or MoveOn, but through the restructuring of personal relationships, social interactions and organizational dynamics. Nonprofits and social change leaders were some of the earliest adopters of social media because its ability to engage supporters mapped onto their focus on mobilizing and deepening supporter relationships. That's led to a range of innovations and experiences, from Flickr petitions to peer-to-peer fundraising to transnational mass advocacy.
But the social change potential of social media goes far beyond its use by political organizers, campaigners and NGOs. Individuals and organizations who use social media are subtly but profoundly transformed: in an atomized world, social media reconnects us to our communities, to one another, and to our own creative potential. From the most explicitly political online communities to the "frivolous" social networks that bring us back to our deeply social nature, social media is rewriting the rules for social change."

Other resources:

Check out: Facebook Causes
How to blog:
Blog about Nonprofits using Social networking for change:
Webinar on using Facebook Causes:
The Digital Dictatorship

Learning Activity Specifics

1. Create a group of 3-4 people to collaborate on this project. Or work individually if you prefer.
2. Determine your objectives and write down your mission statement.
3. Use internet technology to be a creative agent of change.
4. Make your learning activity artifact available somewhere on the "Web of Change."
5. On March 22 at 6:00PM PST you will report back on your efforts at the first annual Game Changers
Conference for Social Transformation.

Assessment & Timeline

1. You are responsible for your own assessment. Did you receive feedback on your statement? Did anyone listen, comment, or act? Why or why not? If you are able to deduce some sort of reflective commentary on your efforts you have succeeded.
2. Include your reflection in your report along with modifications you would make in the future. All completed projects will receive an A+. However, the prestigious Triple Star Award will be given only to the most creative project as chosen by the reputable Game Changers panel of judges.
3. Make sure to include your personal assessment at the March 22nd Game Changers Conference commencing at 6:00PM PST.

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