Joy Fauntleroy, Emily Lauer, Kevin Long, Cynthia Porter

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Topic Name: ISTE Standards in Educational and Corporate Environments
Technologies Used: EduBlog, WebQuest, PHP, MySql database, web domain to submit final plan

Goal: Students will be able to identify ISTE standards, identify what standards are currently being met, and brainstorm ways in which the unmet standards can be met

List a timeline with deliverables and dates.

  1. Essential Question: How is technology incorporated in your workplace? How is it decided what technology will be used in your workplace and how it is used?
  2. Direct cadre to site for ISTE standards (Kevin Webquest) - cadre members will choose the set of standards that most closely fits their workplace.
  3. Create form (Cynthia) for cadre to complete activity.
  4. Choose one standard that is not already being implemented at work sufficiently and dissect the standard.
  5. Look at the standard and begin a backwards designed plan that can stretch 1-4 weeks (this can be changed)
  6. Each should submit a final plan (TBA), which includes the steps that will be taken, space for feedback, and assessment, for meeting the chosen ISTE standard which will be assessed using a rubric (Joy)

Suggestions from The Cadre:
-International Society for Technology in Education (I didn't know what the acronym stood for) -mt
-perhaps you can also be a little more specific on where to go when you're on the ISTE site? -mt
-noticed that you included 'corporate' environments as well. what will you be asking of us? who has that expertise in your group? -mt

- my biggest question is very similar to MT's - I'm not seeing the connection between ISTE standards for those that don't work in education...maybe that will become clearer as I learn about them. In the setup, it might be helpful to address this for the non educational workplace people - Thanks - Jamie
- I hate to throw in an "I Agree," but Jamie and I seem to always lead the "corporate revolt." Perhaps the opposite of what we are expecting will be true. We may find a use for ISTE standards where none seemed to exist. - Jason

-Group 1 (of which I am a member) is comprised solely of industry folks, so the prevalent theme here is how ISTE applies to folks outside of the educational arena. I actually belong ISTE, but note that their Strategic Plan and board almost explicitly focus on advancing technology within the educational world. I think it'll be important to see how your activity can bring everyone into the fold and make the standards applicable not only in spirit, but to the letter for both academic and industry folks. -Cramer

- Identifying what standards are met and what stands int he way of meeting those standards within our own organizations might be difficult if the standards are not clearly spelled out (thinking "what category of NET doe I fit in", for example. Some time spent on our own identity will be helpful. - Cramer

- Useful- never think about standards, but we all face them
- worried about workload - think about it -
- applicable to the role they are in?
- opensource free surveying tools - Dillon or Survey tool in Sakai can be accessed
-Survey Master - Nick

NEW!!! Post your Goals for your learning Activity
Students will be able to identify ISTE standards pertaining to their current position, identify what standards are currently being implemented, and brainstorm ways in which the unmet standards can be put into practice within their work environment

NEW!!! Post any EQ's you will use for your Learning Activity

How is technology incorporated in your daily professional life? Who or what governs decisions concerning the use of technology in your daily professional life?

NEW!!! Post the assigned readings or pre-work you are thinking about using
- UbD Pg 22-26, Making Learning Whole Pg 52 (P.F.S.S.T)
- Webquest to be done before the date

- Etherpad responses to be done after the Webquest, before the date.

NEW!!! Refine your educational technologies list to those that you will use during the week you conduct your activity


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Post a link to your Executive Summary (as a PDF) by March 1, 2010.

Post a link to your Final Design Report (as a PDF) by April 5, 2010.

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