The Funtastic Four

Change the name of your group (above) from the number to a descriptive name.

List the names of your group members.

Carly Bowen
Babette Novak
Nick Mattos
Fabiola Torres

Identify topic name and technologies you plan to use.

Dropbox For You

Suggested Technologies:

  • Dropbox

  • SurveyMonkey or Sakai Survey tool

  • Variety of apps for group activity (see below)

We will use Dropbox to show how large file transfer and sharing can be made easier. To do this we will also use a survey tool for pre- and post-class assessments. During the activity we will suggest one of a variety of apps / media to take the student through all activities. Suggested files to use can include:

  • Voice recording - something structured but fun, like a haiku

  • Music sharing

  • Photo slide show or essay

  • Video project

Our Intended Learning Outcomes are as follows, in learning objectives format:

  • EXPLAIN how to log into Drop Box

  • UTILIZE tools within Drop Box to invite other users

  • USE file upload to add files to Drop Box

  • IDENTIFY other parties to share files

  • RECOGNIZE the value of Drop Box in collaborative activities

  • DEMONSTRATE a collaborative activity using Drop Box

Our learning activity will tie back to these outcomes to ensure success for students and facilitators.

List a timeline with deliverables and dates.
Initial Timeline: Some dates TBA when team reconvenes
Pre-survey due to team on 4 Feb 2010
Survey sent to MALT 12 on 8 Feb 2010
Survey results due to FFour by 13 Feb 2010
Executive Summary completed on or before 28 Feb 2010 (?)
Learning Activity presented 15 Mar 2010, 6:00 pm PT
Learning Activity results due 19 Mar 2010
Post survey sent on
25 Mar 2010
Survey results due by 31 Mar 2010
Learning Activity final summary completed 09 April 2010

Our first deliverable will be the pre-course survey. We have designed our survey to ask some of the essential questions we need to answer for this course. As of this writing (16 Feb 2010) we have received all surveys and are compiling the results. Our results will help us determine which groups to put respondents into for the assignment.

Notes from Group 5;
It is clear what a Drop-box is, but how you will teach us to use it is not described in a lesson plan or course syllabus.
You describe well the survey aspect of the learning opportunity but not clear about what will be learned, how we demonstrate knowledge transference, problem solving, or how we will use the new knowledge and tools.
How will the lesson / class be delivered?
How will you measure success or failure? Through a survey only or how will you evaluate what was learned by the students?
How will you measure what we learn? What should we expect to learn as students in this learning opportunity?
Where is the research on what others have done before you in the same vein? Any references available?

NEW!!! Post your Goals for your Learning Activity (you have done this- good job team!)
This is included in our Executive Summary, linked below.
NEW!!! Post any EQ's you will use for your Learning Activity
This is also included in our Executive Summary, linked below.

NEW!!! Post the assigned readings or pre-work you are thinking about using

Pre-work survey is posted here:

NEW!!! Refine your educational technologies list to those that you will use during the week you conduct your activity

Post a link to your Executive Summary (as a PDF) by March 1, 2010.
Our Executive Summary is in Wikispaces here. --> .
Post a link to your Final Design Report (as a PDF) by April 5, 2010.

Here is a link to The Funtastic Four's final course structure/syllabus for our TECHED100.2: Cloud Computing and You course:

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