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Email to Cadre
Learning Activity Goal:

Participants will learn how to perform several functions in Google Wave that will help them interact, share information, and complete tasks with their colleagues.

Learning Activity Time line:
· Week of March 1st, 2010 – Complete Pre-work and will enter in their tutorial of choice in MindMaps.
· Week of March 8th, 2010 – Participants will complete one of the 3 Google Wave tutorials. The participant will then re-create the same learning activity in Google Wave and lastly fill out the Post-activity survey, completing their participation.
· March 13th – Team Awesome will then ‘process’ the survey data and ‘assess’ the outcome.

Pre-work needed to engage in the Learning Activity: (Week of March 1st)

· A Google Wave account
· Watch the Group Project (6mins 15 sec) tutorial
· Participant will fill out a Pre-activity Survey located on the link to the right (CLICK HERE)
· Participants will then log on to MindMaps to ‘sign-up’ for the tutorial that interests them. (Please read your specific scenario in MindMaps)

Learning Activity: (Week of March 8th)

· Participants will choose the Learning Activity of their choice. (Click one Below)
o Organizing Events
o Meeting Notes
o Brainstorming
· Participant will then create/participate in their own ‘Wave’ corresponding to the tutorial that they chose.
· Once the Learning activity has been completed, the participant will lastly fill out the Post-activity Survey. (CLICK HERE)
· Tutorial lead will then go into Google Wave to assess the Wave created by the participants.

Change the name of your group (above) from the number to a descriptive name.

List the names of your group members.
Michael Cramer - Group Projects
Michael Truong - Organizing Events
Jason Mellilo - Senior Executive Producer
Jamie Coch - Meeting Notes
Aura Poulsen - Brainstorming

Identify topic name and technologies you plan to use.
Re-open your mind to the power of Google Wave

Technologies: Google Wave, Wikispaces, Internet and Email

List a timeline with deliverables and dates. (All dates tentative)
(are you going to include a timeline for the week of the activity for the cadre? Like the detail in the current timeline. Spells out what is needed and when.) Time line will be sent out March 1, and will spell out what's needed. -MT
  1. A-Team reviews Google Wave tutorials and selects primary functions for learning activities / group work (February 6)
  2. Develop draft of basic learning activities for 4-5 groups and post forum (February 20)
  3. Individual A-Team tutorials to delivered to rest of team members to test (February 28)
  4. Develop deployment strategy and timeline for class activity (simultaneously / February 28)
  5. Develop Executive Summary (Due March 1)
  6. Develop pre-assessment to class to determine existing Google Wave perception (March 6)
  7. Divide class into groups and post activity to Wikispaces

  1. Post activity to Wikispaces
  2. A-Team leader meets with each group separately and opens up team Google Wave
  3. Teams have 1 week to complete learning activity
  4. Asynchronous / synchronous Google Wave / conference call held to wrap up class for reflection on changed perceptions of Google Wave

February 22, 2010 - Group Session
Learning Activity Goal
Participants will learn how to perform several functions in Google Wave that will help them interact, share information, and complete tasks with their colleagues.

Google Wave Essential Question
How can you personally use Google Wave in an effective, collaborative manner?

All participants should create a Google Wave account and create a test Wave prior to class.
(will you be sending directions for cadre to do this prior to assigned week?) Yes March 1 - MT
All participants will view an Introductory Google Wave tutorial that introduces them to basic Wave functionality and potential uses. (created by the A-Team)
Groups will then have the opportunity to select a learning activity that interests them and complete related tasks in Google Wave.

Educational Technologies Used
Google Wave
Browser (IE, Safari, Firefox and Chrome)

Updated Timeline
Cramer and Jason - Complete Intro tutorial - February 27 Complete
Jamie - Complete Meeting notes learning plan / scripts - February 23 - Complete
MT - Complete Organizing Events learning plan / scripts - February 23 - Complete
Aura - Complete Brainstorming learning plan / scripts - February 25 - Complete
All test waves created by EOB 28 Complete

Course email sent to participants with pre-work assignment by March 1st.

what is the assessment for the activity? Assessment will be by Pre-and Post-Surveys. We'll assess knowledge prior and post learning activity. -MT
Post a link to your Executive Summary (as a PDF) by March 1, 2010. (Complete)

Post a link to your Final Design Report (as a PDF) by April 5, 2010.

Group Meeting- Feb 1, 2010

Group will be developing activities listed above and piloting in Wave. Trial runs will be held in Google Wave in 2-3 weeks.
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