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Donna Lesser

Description of Gcast:
Gcast is a podcasting site that allows us to record audio through a phone or computer as well as music from

I am proposing that we all add audio to our website. Here are the instructions off the site on how to set up an account and post a new podcast:

A.. Go to to register for a FREE account. Make a note of your pin number.

B. Determine which type of audio you would like to add to your website/blog (welcome remarks, podcast of a reflection or blog entry, or music).

If you want to record audio, then
a Call 888-654-3378.
b. Enter your PIN number when prompted.
c. Record audio comments.
d. Press # to complete the call.
e. The podcast will appear in your Playlist Manager for your Gcast site after a few minutes of lag time.
f. You now need to cut and past the html (code for the Gcast player) into your website. (It is my understanding that all newly recorded podcast will autmatically
show up in the website so you may want to record this podcast on a separate channel to control what audio will appear on your website/blog).

If you decide you want to add music to your website, you can find a "podssafe" song from as a greeting to those that visit your website.Prepare the audio for your podcast entry. There are several ways to get audio into your Playlist Manager:
a. Upload MP3 files from your computer. Record and mix an audio recording on your software of choice, then upload it to us from
your computer.
b. Find "podsafe" songs on Every GarageBand song page contains an "ADD TO PLAYLIST (+)" button which will
add that song to your Playlist Manager.

Other ways to utilize this technology
  • quick reminders to students about upcoming assignments.
  • highlight key concepts for the week.
  • provide feedback to students on an event or assignment
  • have students create podcasts reflecting on an assignment or learning experience.

====Example of a Gcast opening of a blog or website====
Link to hear Gcast