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Gabbly --

A chat service that allows you to chat around any webpage both personal page or commercial pages.


Add a chat box to any website for free. Anyone who loads the webpage page at the same time can chat just add' in front of any URL

  • external image bullet.gif Create an instant chatroom that only people with the topic and password can join.
  • external image bullet.gif Set the topic and password of your choosing. Then just hit gab now and send the link to all the people you want in your chat.
  • external image bullet.gif Use it to create a private chatroom that is easy to setup. Have a quick chat to discuss lunch, or whatever you want!

    Link :

Gabbly has many different options, I will be sharing the following three options with the group:

1. Set up a chat box around any webpage to chat about any content on the web. (No Software downloade is needed.)
How do I use Gabbly to chat on a webpage?
Simply type in front of a webpage's URL, you will be able to chat with anyone visiting the page at the same time!
For example, to chat on, just visit '' in your browser. You will see the CNN website with the Gabbly Chat window floating on top.

2. Create a Privat Chat -
How do I set a privat Chat?
Register FREE your name -
Login allows you to reserve your chat name, create an avatar and a profile.

b. Use your account right from the Gabbly chat window. Just click the login button.
c. Click on Private
d. Set a topic and password of your choosing.:
Use it to create a private chatroom that is easy to setup. Have a quick chat to discuss lunch, or whatever you want!
Topic :
Password :
Then just hit gab now and send the link to all the people you want in your chat.
visit and click on Privat Tab (sorry picture did not paste on this site)

3. Embed the Gabbly chat windows in your own page.
How Do I do that? Example for my own website:

Step 1: Fill out the short form below:
Desired width of chat window: in pixels
Desired height of chat window: in pixels external image spacer.gif
URL where embedded chat window will go: external image spacer.gif

Step 2: Hit this button: [Generate Embed Code] Preview in Window
click on Embed Tab (sorry picture did not past on this site)

Step 3: Cut-and-paste the following code into your page:
external image spacer.gif
<iframe src='' scrolling='no' style='width:300px; height:250px' frameborder='0'></iframe>

Where I use

I use "Gabbly Chat" often at my work place when reading about a specific topic , the benifits I recieve using it are countless
what "Gabbly" does is that it gathers all the current visitors of the same Web page, and that allows me to open a discussion, ask questions about what I am reading from employees around the glob and in matter of minutes I can read their feedbacks and learn from their differnt perspectives. This tool helps me and others share our knowlege and past experiances and work together to find solutions to certain situations.
How you, me, we can use
I will be embedding gabbly chat on my website:
My LC1 and the Cadre 11 are welcom to visit my site to chat at any time about any topic that is posted on my website,
To open discussions about my website - an article that is posted, open to share your thoughts on it.


Now my intention of giving anyone a gift is that I wanted my LC1 and cadre 11 to use it and benefit from it, it's tough now a days since people have so many stuff, and so much technology out there ( Skype, TI, IM..etc), so I wanted to personalize my gift through introducing you to a technology tool called, I wanted to teach you how to use it and embed it on to my website. I wanted to offer my help to you through having you visit my website and chat about any thing you see interesting on it. I hope to help you excel on what you are doing already.
My thought process was to share with you a gift that will help you with your OMET journey, my reactions were as follow I felt good about myself to offer my help, I realized the level of responsibility that I have on my shoulders to teach my group and be ready for any questions from other cadre members, so I made sure that I am as detailed and specific as I can be in my writing to not mislead anyone and help them achieve a certain level of understanding, I added likes, posted pictures to be as discreptive as I could.

This experience of sharing a gift reminded me how giving back to the community can be rewarding, we often get caught up in our own world and lose site of people around us. I often complain about certain things I receive from others, not realizing how difficult it's been for them to try and offer their help. I now appreciate and count my blessings for any help I get. We are all responsible for each other, every one is a student and a teacher neither role is easy.
The nature of every gift is giving, sharing and like they say is the thought that counts, I guess I just learned the true meaning of that thought this assignment.

I think the purpose of this assignment was to have us apply this learning experiance to our Action Research Project. Understand why are you doing your project, take a leadership role in helping others, share your experiance and knowledge with others, think about your action and consider other people's reactions to that, think about who will benifit, and why do we want to help. Why should we be resposible in our communities?