Sharing our Expertise in Technology

Reading Surpassing Ourselves, by Berieter and Scardamalia, Cadre X and in an effort to share our expertise, Cadre X is sharing a listing of resources that have been important to them in developing expertise in the diverse fields they work in.

We are arranging the references under the following topics

Leadership and vision

Learning and teaching

  • Education with new technologies has a gallery where they show "pictures of practice." These are the best examples of how teachers are using technology to change the way they teach in significant ways. they include the teacher's organization of the lessons with technology from big ideas through to assessment, including a teacher's reflection. Examples of student work illustrate the type of learning outcomes that are connected with these strategies and practices. The projects illustrates the use of a suite of tools to help teachers teach for understanding by developing lessons that build on standards and focus on assessment. One of the interesting tools is a collaborative Curriculum Design tool. --MM

  • Inquiry Learning Forums has " ." (You will need to join to be able to visit the classrooms). This second example is similar to the first, but different in that it includes videos of the lesson. In this case you are invited into the classroom to see the lesson talk and hear about the teacher's reflection about why they taught in a given way and what they saw as successful or problematic. It is an honest sharing not necessarily of best practice but of what takes place in a classroom. A set of teachers are using technology to make it possible for the rest of us to think about what takes place in classrooms today and to talk about how it might change. MM

Professional practice and Community Building

Knowledge management

Support, Security and Infrastructure issues

I manage large projects in the technical infrastructure area. This is a broad area of IT where it's impossible to know everything. A methodology which
enhanced my expertise and allowed me to get a handle on my diverse portfolio of projects is called PROJECT MANAGEMENT. You can obtain a career
credential in this area, (See However, I honestly believe that it's fairly easy to be a good project manager without a formal certification because
project management is based on pure common sense. I also believe that Project Management is beneficial in all fields: from party planning to planning the next Olympics.

This link gives you an idea of Project Management in a nutshell.

My favorite resource is:
Whitten, N., (2004), Neal Whitten’s No-Nonsense Advice for Successful Projects, Management Concepts, VA.


Assessment and or evaluation (students or programs)

General issues of use of technology

I like the tech soup site for cool ideas and solutions geared for nonprofits - Marie

I have 3 sites that I love right now:
I really like National Staff Development Council. The website provides national standards in teaching and learning and many articles. The site is:
Also I just found RefWorks for searching fast. The site
And, National Educational Foundation for all kinds of educational searches
- From Nancy