Ethnography of a Community of Practice

Students were asked to demonstrate their knowledge of Lave and Wenger's concept of a Community of Practice by finding one and creating a video to show the dimensions that make it a community of practice. Feel free to start a discussion around any of these examples and you are likely to hear from the person who made the video.

Cadre 18
Kate Cockrill
CoP Video

Wanda Bowles
CoP Video

Amy Koenigsknecht:
CoP Video

Laura Coaty's
CoP Video on the Fiberistas

Cadre 17

Adam Croom
CoP Video

Cadre 16

DISTRICT 15 (Cadre 15)

Mid-Wilshire Toastmasters Club in Los Angeles
Jean-Philippe Fontaine
CoP Video

Pacific Gravity Home Brew Club
Catherine Davis



Knock Out- G-Force
Haley Carroll

Chapel Music Team - A CoP that rocks!
Doug Conrad
CoP video

Best Recreational and Technical SCUBA Group
Jason Leath
CoP video

CrossFit Hydro
Kristina Peters

Big Slyde - A Community of Practice (Band)
Joel Lowsky
CoP Video

Womens Body Building - Through the NPC/IFBB
(National Physique Committee/International Federation of Body Builders)
Candy Gallagher - CoP Video

Research Fraternity - Advancing Communication Sciences
Erin Abshere

Bakersfield Pipe Club
Matt Jones

Houston Roller Derby CoP
Jenny Payne

Santa Maria Competitive BBQ
Melissa Torres

Bonita High School Marching Bearcats
Heidi Bird

Saturday Stitch 'N It Group

Dance Team COP
Amber Fowler
Alcoholics Anonymous: A CoP
Molly Weene

Chicks in the City: CoP
Rebecca Heiser

Farmers' Market Community
Dave Levin

Cadre 14

Wind, Earth, Water, Fire, Heart...
when your powers combine I AM CAPTAIN PLANET!!!

Alise L. Clouser - (lol okay sorry it's not a cartoon, it's a group of students working on a Wind Turbine)

Jonathan Silk- Tractor Tire Workout Group
***Note: The community consisted of 15 members. On the days I observed the numbers were between 10-15 members present. Not all the members of the CoP wanted to be recorded on video and that was a planning consideration when recording the group.

Trey Eubanks - Feel the need for speed? Also like cups? Just don't kick the cups or you will have to stand against the wall.Cups UP!! Blog entry here

Jackie Sandoval - The Princess and Tamales

Danna Revis - Sacred Harp singing

Mie Buskirk - Observations of Konohana Family
Observations of Konohana Family

Kevin Chow - Ethnography of the Slickdealers

Annie Matthews - PHS Flag Team

Shawntel Allen (who can't settle...) MY NEW CoP...The Steamboat Moms' Group

Amanda C - Sing, Sing, Sing

Michelle Link to my blog for the Twitter CoP video
Simone An Unexpected Community of Practice Blog
Simone The NBA Lockout

Paul B - CD Hustlers on Venice Beach (Youtube Channel)

Harmoni- Santa Monica Stairs

Matt L - Partners in Health

Elo- Table Tennis Club

Andrea - Math Gaming- CoP Present in an Elem School
Lucy - Community of practice - Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum

Debbie-Community of Practice-Football CoP

Lily - Vets Gardens - CoP

Cadre 13

Christian Borja - RC Flying Club - A Community of Practice

Sean - Neighborhood Street Dancers

Joanne Couling - Frosh/Soph girls at the line

Molly Oster - WSHS Step Team

Christina McKinnis - At The Park

Lejla Sestic-Fahey - Paragliding Tribe

Ashley Kim - SMART

Jason Eggleston - Weaving Knowledge: An Exploration of Communities of Practice from Observations of a Knitting Group

Tim Devlin - The Gym (weight room)

Erika Maldonado-CoP's on the Web

Jill Florant - Ethnography of a CoP - SVUC

Maria Lai - The Block Skatepark

Julie Turcotte - Indoor Rock Climbing & Bouldering - jlt

Glen Galarpe - HST

Noah Sparks - Ice Skating Sensations