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Distributed Learning involves learning systems where educational resources span spatial, temporal and abstract distributions. This learning perspective draws upon several theoretical frameworks for individual and group learning, including sociocultural historical activity theory, distributed cognition, and organizational learning.

Reading list for Distributed Learning

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Please note: The following two articles may be found by searching for the title "Enabling Distributed Learning Communities Via Emerging Technologies" in the Wilson (Full Text) database within the Education database on the Pepperdine library. You must first sign in to Wave Net to access the articles.
Enabling Distributed Learning Communities Via Emerging Technologies - Part One

Enabling Distributed Learning Communities Via Emerging Technologies - Part Two
Dede, Chris

National Education Technology Plan 2004

Gardner, Howard Distributed Congnition: Psychological and Educational Considerations

**Distributed** Cognitions: Psychological and Educational Considerations
G Salomon - 1993 - books.google.com
... 47 ROY D. PEA 3 Person-plus: a distributed view ofthinking and learning 88 DN ... resources
for thinking 139 LUIS C. MOLL, JAVIER TAPIA, AND KATHRYN F ...

Developing and evaluating a university-wide online **distributed learning** system: The experience at …
C McNaught, J Kenny, P Kennedy, R Lord - Educational Technology and Society, 1999 - ifets.info (Colby Smart)

Toward Parallel and Distributed Learning by Meta-Learning
Philip K. Chan and Salvatore J. Stolfo
http://scholar.google.com/scholar?q=Toward Parallel and Distributed Learning by Meta-Learning&hl=en&lr=&btnG=Searchhttp://www.wikispaces.com/_/2008061300/i/c.gif
(Kathleen Lepori - Cadre 11)

Socio-cognitive dynamics of knowledge building in the work of 9- and 10-year-olds
Zhang, Jianwei; Scardamalia, Marlene; Lamon, Mary

Distributed Cognition: A Framework for Understanding the Role of Computers in Classroom Teaching and Learning
Angeli, Charoula

Emerging technologies and **distributed learning**

TITLE: Knowledge Alive
AUTHOR: Perkins, David

Teaching Intelligence
David N. Perkins and Tina A. Grotzer
Harvard University

**Distributed** reinforcement **learning** for sequential decision making
G Rogova, P Scott, C Lolett - Information Fusion, 2002. Proceedings of the Fifth …, 2002 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
**Distributed** Multimedia **Learning** Environments: Why and How? - all 6 versions »
RD Pea, LM Gomez - Interactive Learning Environments, 1992 - informaworld.com
[PDF] Exploring Pair Programming in **Distributed** Object-Oriented Team Projects - all 12 versions »
P Baheti, L Williams, E Gehringer, D Stotts - Educator's Workshop, OOPSLA, 2002 - umassd.edu

Learning through Collaboration in a **Distributed Education** Environment -
P Thomas, L Carswell - Educational Technology & Society, 2000 - ifets.info

Hatch, T., et. al., Building Knowledge for Teaching and Learning. Changev. 36 no. 5 (September/October 2004)p. 42-9
Hatch, T. The 'Long Haul' or 'Boom or Bust'?. Education Weekv. 23 no. 2 (September 10 2003)p. 32, 35

Constructivism in the Collaboratory
Daniel C. Edelson, Roy D. Pea, and Louis Gomez
Karen F. Smith

Transcending the individual human mind—creating shared understanding through collaborative design


**Distributed** **Learning**

221k - Adobe PDF - View as HTMLOverall, there is a mismatch between what education ... However, if creating a distributed learning environment is ... is less viable in a distributed learning ...
Posted by Dijlah Benjamin Cadre 11

Project Based Distributed Learning and Adult Learners
Dr. Erkan Tekinarslan

Building Knowledge for Teaching and Learning. Change
Randy Bass, Thomas Hatch, and Toru Iiyoshi
Change, v. 36 no. 5 (September/October 2004) p. 42-9

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