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Brett Martin

To get an introduction to what the social bookmarking site delicious can do for you, check out the video below, and then read the reflections below it:

The reason that I went with delicious as my cadre gift is because I believe it will offer some unique, and potentially profound, learning opportunities to our class. To start off with, by setting up accounts and adding each other to our own networks, we'll be offering much greater insight into what our individual learning influences are, and allow others to perhaps be influenced by the same ones. But that is just the beginning. By the nature of the way delicious is set up, it's possible to also branch off down countless other paths as well by simultaneously getting a glimpse into the learning influences of others outside of our cadre who are tagging similar things. This helps expand our learning group from local to global by the choice of a mouse click. While I've just started to use delicious myself, I think the myriad possibilities it represents to my own growth as a learner are staggering, and it was with this sense of awe at the possibilities that I thought this would be an impactful gift to give to the cadre.

So... to get the ball rolling, my username on delicious is bwmartin, so once you're on there, go ahead and add me to your network, and then post your username on here so that we can all make sure we've included each other. ENJOY!