PEPPERDINE'S Masters in Arts in Learning Technology Cohorts


Students in the Masters in Learning Technologies Program take classes together in cohorts divided into cadres. This site contains work from cohort 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Cadre 7 experimented with one of the early wiki's on the net that invited "users" but when students added content, they were accused of wiki squatting. The participatory culture was evolving. But, by 2005, many wikis were open for use. This collaborative writing space makes both coordination and group projects much more enjoyable. Having student work on a collective review of literature before they work on their individual ones helps them to think about working with and structuring ideas. Writing together can be a challenge for a group as larger as 15-20 students, but it does help students to look at the development of ideas without worrying too much about who is doing the writing. You can also see more of the students work around the issue of action research at Center for Collaborative Action Wikispace.

Cadre 17 (2014-2015)
Cadre 16 (2013-2014)
Cadre 15 (2012-2013)

Cadre 14 (2011-2012)

Cadre 13 (2010-2011)

Cadre 13 has finished the program and there work is linked from this home.

Cadre 12 (2009-10)
Cadre 12 has just completed the program and their action research conference took place a few weeks ago. We will soon be posting links to the videos. The pictures can be found the Pepperdine Facebook site for alumni.

Cadre 11 (2008-9)

Cadre 11 was the first group to present their action research in a full conference format. We have included the links to our first webcast conference on action research.

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The students contributed to the evolving essay Educational Technology: Promise and Problems. This gave them the experience of working on a shared document with 24 writers. But it also helps them to see how others approach texts. They also worked on a new document- Distributed Cognition and Distributed Learning. This they leave from cadre 12. And we hope to work on a new essay together...WikiMinds and Distributed Cognition (possible title). Their new contribution to the site is the Collaborative Tool Design Library. Also they are presenting at Florida's Educ Tech Conference on Web 2.0 . Cadre 11 is working on learning circles in googlesites. This webwiki is a private as they are working out their action research ideas. However, we hope to move some of the ideas over to the Center for Collaborative Action Wikispace.

Cadre 10 (2007-8)

Cadre 10 action research projects and other projects are found on their wiki site . Come explore. They did a good job of editing the The Perils and Promise of Technology that was started by cadre 9. They also left a new document on distributed learning.

Cadre 9 (2006-2007)

Cadre 9 opens with a planning page for Cadre 9 and a site for the cohort revolution#9 (advisor =Riel).
Exploring the Promise and Perils of technology is a Cadre Revolution #9 collaborative activity. The are all choosing different books to read and they are working on creating a synthesis. This is a different task as there are 17 minds that all have ideas about how to organize this information. But I have faith that with these tools --and the trust and respect that they have developed for each other --will make it possible for them to create a living document. Feel free to add your ideas.

Cadre 8 (2005-2006)

The Infinite 8's left links to their action reearch (Cadre 8 Action Research Links). (Blogs links are on the program server so these are not available unless you are part of Pepperdine.) They also created a future search. The purpose of this course activity was help other students who had not read FUTURE SEARCH (Weisbord & Janoff, 2000) to understand the ideas covered in the book.