Cadre 9 Action Research Links

These files are in progress with the completion date for the website and papers being June 20th, 2007. Students will be making updates and adding links to their final reports. These groupings are for the panels that will precede exhibitions. Other examples of Action Research project are found at the Center for Collaborative Action Research- CCAR.

(Revolution #9 - RIEL

Josh Burker

Title: Creating an inclusive elementary school Tech Club.
Link to AR website:

Barbara Lolli

Title (or brief description of AR): Setting up a Technology Club (JH - Grades 6-8) in my school
Link to AR website:

Buccanners - MOSELEY

Robert Varga

Title: Improving Mathematics Performance at the Elementary Level.
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Colette Cassinelli

Engaging Students with Authentic Technology Projects
Link to updated ARP website:

Heidi Dixon Beeman

Title: Technology and Learning Through Inquiry (Questions) and Investigation (Answers)

Megan Wojtulewicz

Revolution #9 - RIEL

Bradford Davey

Student Provocateurs: Enhancing Public Debate and Awareness of Local Environmental Issues by Involving Students with Film

Kristen Zukley

Title: Creating Community at Kurt T. Shery High School by Building a Labyrinth
Please note: I plan to add/update my site. It should be finished on June 20, 2007.

Buccanners - MOSELEY

Chandler Loble

Title: Reducing Freshman Failure Rates Through Classroom Community, Motivation, and Effective Classroom Teaching

Wendy Gorton

Title: Increasing Intrinsic Motivation Through Authentic Learning Research.html

John Paterson

Title: Improving Student Performance Using Technology

Ruby Kowaney

Title: Exploring Techniques to Facilitate Instruction in an Open-entry, Forum Computer Applications Classroom

Teacher Communities

Revolution #9 - RIEL

Debby Jones

Discovering Technology Treasures: Making Best Use of School Technology (ready for review)
ResourcesLink to AR website:

Cherilyn Ziemer

Developing a Tech Support Team for Tablet PC One to One Program:
Posted Final Report June 15. Appendices to be added.

Robert Martellacci

The Interactive Classroom—Empowering 21st Century Learning through the Great Lakes School District Interactive Whiteboard Project Posted Final Report June 18. There may be some minor changes prior to Thursday. Appendices to be added as well
Link to AR website:

Behnaz Nassernia

Use of technology in elementary schools: changes from traditional learning to collaborative leaning with computer based technology
Link to AR website:

David Greenfield

Building web-based collaborations that foster community building and resource sharing among
schools, corporations and museums.
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Buccanners - MOSELEY
Jason Walberg
Title: Building An Introductory Technological Curriculum through the use of Tools and Techniques**

University Communities

Revolution #9 - RIEL

Allen Haren

Final report has been posted. Minor edits to be made to .pdf (formating) and an interactive Word Doc will be posted tonight.
Title: Emerging Leadership: Implementing Digital Asset Management to Improve Workplace Efficiency
Link to AR website:
Link to AR Final Report:[[|]]

Kristen Dowling

Title (or brief description of AR): Increase local high school involment in Malibu Hoop's Team Camp
Link to AR website:

Heather Walberg

Brief Description - Effective Communication's Impact on the treatment of Support Staff in Division 1 Athletic Programs
Link to AR website:

Buccanners - MOSELEY

Tim Nollan

Brief Description- Helping student athletes miss less class time in Division 1 sports.
Link to AR website:

Novita Rogers

Brief Description - ERP: Building a bridge between training and communication provided at the University Level and what is needed at the department/school level
Link to AR website:

Scott James

California Community College Distance Education Accessibility
Chuck Hazzard
Title: How to use Technology in Recruiting High School Baseball Players

Corporate Communities

Revolution#9 - RIEL

Mitchel N. Townsend

Welcome, I plan to have a finished final Action Research Report posted by 16June2007
Title (or brief description of AR) " How do I improve my organizational leadership communication skills during a corporate restructure"
Link to Action Research Resources:
Link to Final Report

Kim Woolman

Promoting Autonomous Staff Training and Accountability
Link to AR website:

Katrin Steele

Title: Improving the Application of Compliance Knowledge in the Manufacturing Enviornment
Link to AR website:

Buccanners - MOSELEY

Jack Deacy

Title (or brief description of AR): Implementing Teamcenter Community
Summary: How collaboration, community of practice, knowledge transfer and knowledge management helped our organization become more successful.
Link to ARP website:

Tonya Rauckhorst

Title: Building a community of practice within the corporate training environment.
(Due to corporate restrictions, I cannot post AR details outside of the Pepperdine community. For professors and review panel members: please contact me via my Pepperdine email for a copy of my AR report.)
Executive Summary:
The focus of this research paper is the development of corporate learning best practices and effective knowledge management utilizing a learning Community of Practice (CoP). The literature shows that there is much initial work and collaboration that needs to be done when implementing change in order to achieve success. There were many examples of failure due to lack of buy-in from members. The research on communities of practice was very interrelated to knowledge management, signifying the correlation between the two and making it clear that a successful CoP was not complete until the paradigm of learning shifted to envelop the emerging theories of human capital. By changing the paradigm to viewing intellectual capital as a key asset of the business, learning can be viewed more strategically.

Chris Kelly

Title (or brief description of AR): To encourage knowldge transfer in a corporate environment.
Link to AR website:

Greg Hinshaw

Title (or brief description of AR): Acceptance of e-learning in a high-tech corporate environment.
Link to AR website:
Amanda Case