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JUNE 18th 8:30am- 6:30pm (PT)
JUNE 19th 8:30am -12:00pm (PT)


We hope you will enjoy your experience. This is your home page...you are welcome to add what you want and link pages from here. This is our place so feel free to change the page. And please do join first so that we can see who is changing things. This is a public space.

Course Linked Work

Distributed Cognition, Distributed Learning and Distributed Writing

A. Learning more about Distributed Learning

B. Visit our emerging web 2.0 collaborative Collaborative Tool Design Library

C. Read our Living Documents

  1. Revised--- Educational Technology: Promise and Problems
  2. NEW --Distributed Cognition and Distributed Learning
  3. NEW --WikiMinds and Distributed Cognition (possible title)
D. Group Data Analysis Exercise
What Constitutes Excellent Leadership in Educational Technology?

Ideal Job Activity
You will be interviewing a partner for their ideal position and writing the job prospectus for your partner to use to interview you.
Cadre 11 Athenian Interview Pairs and Schedule of Times

Cadre 11 Pepperdine Action Research Projects

This is where you will find the complete list of action research projects

Cadre 11 Planning

Links to Cadre 11 Pepperdine Web Cadre space:

Finding Help

In case you need help, You can skype Todd at (todd.coston). You might want to add his name to your Skype list so you have it handy when you freak out. He is organizing cadre 10 mentors if you need help.

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