Cadre 11 Home

Group Leadership: IF YOU CAN TAKE A LEADERSHIP ROLE- that would be great. You can create your own role- it's all up to you.

  • Transportation Czars:
Worries about moving the cadre from airports to hotels and to any other place they need to go. Figures out who has cars (generally Margaret and Paul and others and figures out who will travel with whom.

Athenians- Jodi (I will not be there @ FETC) however, if you need a ride from the airport to the hotel, and back- MEARS is a super easy and cheap way to go. They are located at the airport where the rent a cars are at.

Tech Edge-Donna

  • Culinary Advisor:
Organizes us to choose where we will eat, makes the reservation and is sensitive to any dietary needs and tries to keep these in mind in making the choices.
Athenians- Dijlah Benjamin ( Group feel free to suggest what you feel like for dinner at any time :) .
Tech Edge- Kathleen Lepori for TechEdgers (Let me know if you have any preferences or any ideas or if you are familiar with Orlando? restaurants!)
Don't forget the Vegetarians - Karen (smile)

  • Social Planner and Cruise Director: At the midpoint and at the end it is more fun if someone is thinking about our social time. I can share ideas from past cadres but whatever seems like fun is possible. Visit the Cadre 11 Social Events Wiki page to share ideas.
Athenians- Dan and ... insert your name here :)
Tech Edge- Maria and Karen

  • Book Buying Person (Treasurer)— Josephine
Posts the buy boxes each term and interfaces with Eric Ellis who keeps the bank account. We only need one for the whole cadre.

  • Date Keeper
(helping with time, due dates and other such time sensitive stuff on Calendars) – Greg Noack for Techedgers Anne Smith for ATHENIANS
This is clear and it can be kept wherever Anne and Greg decide-- since some courses will be for both cadres, Greg and Anne can work together.

  • Logo and Clothing Designer
The cadres can work together for one logo for cadre 11 or one for each of the cadres. At the midpoint we generally buy something that marks us a group. It can be clothing or something we carry. I think we had a few people sign up to create the logo on the Athenian side but I am not sure who they are.
Athenians- -Andrea
Tech Edge - Chris for the Logo..

  • Cross Cadre Communicator/Liason and Chief Officer of Inconsistencies -Sonja Wood
Sonja will keep us --the two cadres and 3 profs each semester on the same page. This means making sure that information flows freely in the cadre.

  • Software Training
(Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, etc. -The only bad question is an unasked one) Matt Jackson
Second Life, MS Word and PowerPoint, Windows XP, many web2.0 tools - Greg & Abrash
Word, Excel, Power Point, some MAC and PC, and a little Dreamweaver - Kathleen & Abrash (All MS Office Applications including SQL and IIS Servers, as well as any kind of Hardware and Software design related questions or lessons)
Great to have a few techies to help the rest of us!

  • Web Masters**-
Athenians- Tanner, Colby and others [add your names here]
Tech Edge - Chris