This page will collect which books we read for ED 664.

Gary's original description of the book is as follows:

The third book may be chosen based on your vocation or interest. There are many common ideas in the three books. I used to assign a different book for elementary and secondar educators. This year I decided to use the same book, The 100 Languages of Children, for all K-12 educators. Although the book is "literally" about preschool education, the ideas, research and wisdom of Reggio is relevant to every educator, parent or friend of children. Non-educators, particularly parents are of course invited to select this book for #3.

The two books offered for non-K12 educators are about learning in the jazz and civil rights communities respectively. They are both fantastic books.

My goal is to use primary sources, not boring derivative textbooks, as the basis of our discussions. I am delighted if you keep the book around to read again or pass along to a colleague rather than sell if back to the bookstore for 79 cents.

Choose one of the following:

(K-12 educators) The Hundred Languages of Children: The Reggio Emilia Approach Advanced Reflections, Second Edition by Carolyn P. Edwards (Editor) - Ablex Pub Corp; ISBN: 156750311X

(Non K-12 educators)
Thinking in Jazz - The Infinite Art of Improvisation by Paul Berliner - University of Chicago Press (Trd); ISBN: 0226043819
The Long Haul: An Autobiography by Myles Horton - Teachers College Pr; ISBN: 0807737003

Please add your book below:

The Hundred Languages of Children
Josh Burker
Barb Lolli
Cherilyn Ziemer
Behnaz Nassernia
Scott Amdahl
Debby Jones
Katrin Steele

Thinking in Jazz
David Greenfield
Kim Woolman
Robert Martellacci
Mitchel N. Townsend

The Long Haul
Brad Davey
Allen Haren
Heather Walberg
Kristen Dowling
Kristen Zukley