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This wiki is one of three shared public spaces developed and used by students who complete the Masters in Arts in Learning Technologies (online) (MALT) at Pepperdine University. The students collect conceptual and technical tools for themselves and for others who are interested in keeping pace with technology. This helps keep past and future aware of what some of the exciting trends are in the development of tools and applications.

Mindmaps is connected to the Conceptual Tools Strand for the Pepperdine Program
The Center for Collaborative Action Research is where students work on Action Research is published.

Cadre 15 has presented their action research projects for their conference in June, 2013:

ACTION RESEARCH CONFERENCE FOR CADRE 15 held on JUNE 18TH AND 19TH, 2013is now available for viewingViewing information and program

If you want to see the projects from Cadre 14 presented last year (2012) , you will find the find the SCHEDULE here.
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This intro page is a short description of the site contents and a place to post announcements. The wiki is an open space and you are also welcome to leave messages and add content. We just ask that you sign in so we know who is making the changes. It is good wiki practice to annotate the changes you made at the bottom of the page before saving.

Knowledge Building

We are currently revamping the site but our goal is to provide a space to talk about ideas that are important as we think about the ways in which technology can support learning.
Currently we have
1) A number of essays centered on the the promise and perils of using technology to enhance learning; distributed learning and cognition, and the role of wikis and other collaborative tools in learning
2) A set of videos that show examples of community of practice
3) Learning Theorists and pencil Art the way their model addresses a set of essential questions.

Please visit our visual MINDMAP representation of the resources created by Cadre 12.

We currently are working on moving to a more dynamic structure. This process is ongoing.

Social Capital: Sharing Collaborative Tools and Resources

We have created a place for current and past students to add links to Collaborative Tools that we are exploring. This is an open activity. Anyone finding this site can list collaborative tools. But please don't use this site to advertise your software. This is a wiki, not a sales forum. We also have a page for interesting tools and sites and other Resources that are not collaboration tools (including Pepperdine student resources). Most recently we have been adding design libraries created by the student cohorts. We also engage students in a mock interviews for which we have information about career searching.

Students in the Online Masters in Educational Technology Program take classes together in cohorts divided into cadres.

This site contains work from cadre 8-14. We are currently working with Cadre 15.
We webcastedour Action Research Exhibition Conferenceexternal image linkbuilding.jpgfor Cadre 14 and in June, we will have cadre 15 presentations.
You can find more information about on Cadre 13's home and Cadre 12's home.
You can also see more of the students work around the issue of action research at Center for Collaborative Action Wikispace.

In the current spirit of open courseware, we share our course materials for action research. We teach action research across 4 sessions (Action Research 650-653 ) which we share online.





Conferences --Planning, Presentations and Resources

This site is also used for both faculty and student planning and sharing for, developing presentations and sharing resources around two conferences, Florida Educational Technology conferences (FETC) and the American Educational Research Association (AERA). Students plan their presentations for both of these conferences on this site.

Fun (and practice)

The Sandbox is the place to bring your ideas and play. This will help you get comfortable with a wiki. You can try posting pictures, words, changing things making tables and otherwise experiment. Everyone is welcome to play--guests as well as registered users. Have fun!
(And if you see any spelling or grammar errors on any page...always free to correct)

And we close with some one-liner (tweets) on the subject of technology...(please add to the list....)

Mark Schlager: Technology: it never leaves you alone.
Margaret Riel: Technology is shared minds made visible.
[name]: Technology....


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